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  • Larry Larrañaga Memorial Scholarship

    Larry Larrañaga was a native New Mexican, an engineer, a veteran, a public servant, and a Lobo through and through. He is remembered for his optimism and diligence, especially when it came to his alma mater. His imprint on the UNM campus and the School of Engineering will be felt for decades to come.

  • Estelle H. Rosenblum Dissertation Award

    The Estelle H. Rosenblum Dissertation Award was established in 1994 by Estelle H. Rosenblum, PhD, FAAN, to recognize the student with the best PhD dissertation in the UNM College of Nursing each year. The $1,000 award is given at spring convocation, along with a medal of honor, to recognize the student’s accomplishment. Dr. Rosenblum studied… Read more »

  • Counseling Assistance and Referral Services (CARS) Fund

    Counseling, Assistance & Referral Services (CARS) is the employee assistance program which provides free confidential counseling services to the Universities staff, faculty, and retired employees. CARS mission is to promote a healthy work-life balance by providing on-site services to assist faculty and staff in identifying and resolving their personal and professional concerns. The funds generated… Read more »

  • Alumni Association Salt Lake City Chapter Scholarship

    The UNM Alumni Association’s Salt Lake City Regional Chapter has established this fund to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are preferably legal residents of the Salt Lake City, Utah, area and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from… Read more »

  • Native American Law Student Association (NALSA)

    NALSA is an active UNM School of Law student organization known as the “Native American Law Students Association” (”NALSA”). We are comprised of Native and non-Native law students, both striving to attain a Juris Doctor (“J.D.”) Degree or a Master of Studies in Law (“MSL”). NALSA is a wonderful community. While promoting professional development in… Read more »

  • Palliative Care Fellow Rural Rotation

    The rural palliative medicine experience aligns with the mission of the University of New Mexico Palliative Care Fellowship to train palliative care physicians who can deliver culturally sensitive care across settings, including to patients in smaller communities in New Mexico. Furthermore, the team has collaborated with palliative care colleagues at Gallup Indian Medical Center to… Read more »

  • Gus Blaisdell Award in Critical Writing

    From the moment he arrived in New Mexico in 1964, Gus Blaisdell (1935–2003) was a legendary presence. Famous in Albuquerque as a writer, teacher, publisher, editor, and especially as the proprietor of the Living Batch bookstore, Blaisdell was also a brilliant critic whose essays influenced readers throughout the country and across the Atlantic. The Gus… Read more »

  • Biomedical Science Undergraduate Pipeline Program

    This program aims to promote future careers in biomedical research by providing undergraduates, from the state of New Mexico, an opportunity to experience research in labs across UNM. This fund assists with student support and operations costs for the School of Medicine Undergraduate Pipeline to include scholarships, travel grants, academic and professional resources, cohort activities,… Read more »

  • School of Medicine Research Education Office

    School of Medicine Research Education Office (SOMREO) is dedicated to enhancing student learning by supporting Faculty and Staff through innovative professional development and recognizing the efforts of SOMREO Staff in their work to support the SOMREO students. This fund assists in operations costs for SOMREO to include professional development and resources, team building/wellness activities, and… Read more »

  • Masters of Science in Clinical Research

    Masters of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) has a set mission to produce skilled clinical and translational researchers dedicated to sound scientific clinical research and scholarship, conducted in an ethical and culturally sensitive manner, who develop and implement novel therapeutic interventions contributing to the transformation of human health and health care within the State of… Read more »

  • MD/PhD Fund

    The MD/PhD program is designed to provide comprehensive training in both clinical sciences and a basic biomedical science discipline. The intent of the program is to provide students with an integrated and cohesive training experience while obtaining the MD/PhD degree. Students participate in activities common to both programs while involved in the medical school curriculum… Read more »

  • Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

    The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program provides students with a broad-based, one-year core curriculum followed by focused course work and thesis/dissertation research. Research is conducted in faculty laboratories in the various basic science departments in the School of Medicine. To receive their degree, students fulfill the requirements of the BSGP in one of six Research Areas.… Read more »

  • Rudolfo Anaya Sala Fund

    Rudolfo Anaya has had a lasting impact on UNM and the entire community. During his time at the University, he inspired generations of students, faculty and staff with his writings and teachings. This fund will support the development of a naming space for Mr. Anaya, The Rudolfo Anaya Sala located in Zimmerman Library. The space… Read more »

  • Cardiology Fellows Fund

    The Cardiology Fellows Fund provides financial resources to provide the highest quality education and professional development opportunities of Cardiology Fellows. This fund enhances UNM’s ability to recruit residents and provide the highest quality Fellowship experience. Please support our fellows.

  • Betty and John Skipper Memorial Research Fund

    Dr. Betty Skipper was faculty in this department before Family Medicine was even a specialty. The first college graduate in her family, she was a biostatistician by training with a PhD degree from Case Western Reserve University before moving to New Mexico. She was a faculty member at UNM from 1967-2016, 49 years! As Associate… Read more »

  • UNMH Volunteer Birth Companion Program

    The UNMH Volunteer Birth Companion Program provides free birth companions to families birthing at the University of New Mexico Hospital. Birth companions provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labor and birth. The program aims to provide respectful, compassionate, and non-judgmental care to people who may not otherwise be able to access continuous birth… Read more »

  • Marilee B and Maurice W Wildin Jr. Endowed Scholarship

    Dr. Wildin served the UNM School of Engineering for 36 years, before retiring in 1997. His scholarship is created to benefit undergraduate mechanical engineering students.

  • Friends of Glenda PNMGC Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in honor of Glenda Lewis by her many friends. Glenda was a Ph.D. Candidate in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies. Through her years as a student and a student leader, Glenda’s circle of friends was large and included students, staff, faculty, and administrators. As a dedicated Lobo, she invested in other… Read more »

  • Tomorrow Needs You Scholarship

    Tomorrow needs you. As well as every day after that. A saying that has come to mean so much to us after watching ones we loved lose their battle against mental illness. Tomorrow needs you is a two-way street. Not only do we need those battling mental illness to keep fighting; reach out for help… Read more »

  • Ridenour/Mason New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) Fund

    The purpose of the fund is to maintain a sustainable, efficient, state-wide collaborative nursing curriculum that supports the needs of students and addresses the nursing shortage in New Mexico. As the principal balance of the fund grows the designation and name will change to become the Ridenour/Mason NMNEC Faculty and Graduate Fellowship, Visiting Professor, Professorship,… Read more »