Cherry & Silver Society

About the Cherry & Silver Society

The UNM Foundation established the University of New Mexico’s Cherry & Silver Society in July 2004. The society was created to recognize alumni who have given to UNM every year following graduation. The decision to give every year is the most important factor for Cherry & Silver Society membership.

New graduates have 12 months from their date of graduation to make their first gift to UNM (no minimum amount required). This gift can be made to the UNM school, college, scholarship or program of their choice. Annual Gifts to the University are essential and a direct investment in UNM faculty, students and programs.

Alumni have a variety of reasons for giving to UNM – from enhancing undergraduate education and supporting innovative research to providing scholarship assistance and showing pride in Lobo athletics. Many people believe UNM doesn’t need additional support because it’s a state school. In reality, UNM is a state-assisted school, and additional support is crucial. By investing in UNM, you show that you believe in UNM’s success and understand that you can make an immediate positive impact on the life of a student or in the greater UNM community.

We hope that when you become a member of the Cherry & Silver Society, you will also find you can stay better connected with your alma mater. We look forward to your membership in the Cherry & Silver Society.

If you need to renew your membership, please make your gift today!

For more information, please contact Angel Lancaster at or (505) 313-7686.

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