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Former UNM Educators Support Two Colleges Engaged in Multicultural Arts Integration BY Hilary Mayall Jetty Posted November 14, 2017 Albuquerque’s International District is home to large populations of native New Mexicans, settled immigrants and recently arrived international refugees. It is culturally wealthy, yet economically impoverished. In the midst of this kaleidoscope of diversity, two UNM... Read more »

Cooperative Spirit Soars Cooperative Spirit Soars

La Montañita Co-op Creates Memorial Scholarship for UNM Sustainability Studies Students By Anna Adams Posted October 16, 2017 “So much of sustainability studies aligns with what we’re about,” said Karolyn Cannata-Winge, marketing and communications director of La Montañita Co-op, who previously taught for eight years in UNM’s Communication and Journalism Department. “It’s a critical area... Read more »

Learning to Play Well with Others Learning to Play Well with Others

New Mexico Chamber Music Festival Challenges Students to Excel By Hilary Mayall Jetty Posted September 15, 2017 You may refer to Pamela Viktoria Pyle as a pianist, but please don’t call her an accompanist. “I specialize in collaborative piano,” she explained. “The old idea of accompany is to ‘go with,’ as though you’re following in... Read more »

Nurturing New Nurses Nurturing New Nurses

UNM Alumna Endows Fund in Husband’s Memory to Support Nursing Students Statewide By Anna Adams Posted August 15, 2017 New Mexico is such an interesting place because it is much more rural than urban,” said UNM alumna Brenda Izzi. “People deserve quality care whether they’re in Albuquerque, over in Clovis, down in Ruidoso or anywhere... Read more »

Getting to Know You Getting to Know You

UNM Presidential Scholarship Program Connects Generous Donors with Stellar Students BY Hilary Mayall Jetty Posted July 14, 2017 The UNM Presidential Scholarship Program (PSP) celebrated impressive milestones this year—40 years and over 4,000 students sponsored. Outstanding young students from New Mexico’s diverse communities have received substantial financial support from the PSP since 1976, enabling them... Read more »


Neo Wellness Fund to Benefit Premature Infants at UNM Children’s Hospital By Michelle G. McRuiz Posted July 6, 2017 A newly established fund at the UNM Foundation will improve the odds for UNM Hospital’s tiniest, most fragile patients—not only for thriving, but also for surviving. And the fund’s founder and champion, Robin Ohls, MD, is... Read more »

Leaving a Lasting Legacy Leaving a Lasting Legacy

UNM Alumnus’ Endowment to Fund Scholarships for School of Engineering Students By Kim Delker Posted June 15, 2017 Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the UNM School of Engineering’s fall 2016 magazine, UNM Engineering. Students in The University of New Mexico’s School of Engineering will benefit for decades to come, thanks... Read more »

Accessible to All Accessible to All

Susan Hudson’s Gift Improves Quality of Life for Popejoy Hall Patrons and UNM Students By Michelle G. McRuiz Posted May 5, 2017 Susan Hudson used to patiently wait outside the men’s room at Popejoy Hall, counting the men who exited, trying not to draw attention to herself. She wanted to make sure the restroom was... Read more »


Elmo Williams’ Estate Gift to UNM Libraries Reflects a Life in Film and Television BY Hilary Mayall Jetty Posted May 5, 2017 If Elmo Williams hadn’t been a courteous young man, he never would have met legendary film star Gary Cooper, and High Noon might have been a box office flop instead of an Academy... Read more »

Giving Locally for Traveling Globally Giving Locally for Traveling Globally

Longtime Donors’ Endowment Expands Opportunities at College of Fine Arts By Hilary Mayall Jetty Posted March 15, 2017 Students and faculty at the UNM College of Fine Arts (CFA) have countless options for sharing diverse artistic and cultural expressions through dance, theater, music, film and myriad art forms. Yet beyond the confines of campus lie... Read more »