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2012 Paul Ré Peace Prize

2012 Paul Ré Peace Prize Winners and Honorees Selected for Outstanding Peace Promotion Activities

paul-re-3On April 26, two co-winners and four honorable mention recipients were awarded the biannual Paul Ré Peace Prize at a reception at the Zimmerman Library on the University of New Mexico’s main campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Peace Prize is given to UNM students, faculty, staff members, alumni or retirees who promote peace, harmony and understanding among people of the world. In announcing the 2012 roster of awardees, chair of the Peace Prize selection committee Professor Marc Price, emeritus dean of graduate studies at UNM, said, “The Ré Peace Prize enriches UNM and does a great thing for the state and beyond.”

The two co-winners of the 2012 Peace Prize are William M. Brown of Sage West Consultants in Arroyo Hondo, NM and the Peace Talks Radio Production Team of Albuquerque, NM. Brown was selected as a winner for his environmental conservation efforts including “The Climate Reality Project.” The Peace Talks Radio Production Team (Paul Ingles, producer, Dr. Suzanne Kryder, Carol Boss, and Nola Daves Moses) won for their work on a series of over 100 programs exploring the diversity of peace promotion topics. Brown, Kryder and Daves Moses are UNM alumni. Ingles is a former KUNM staff member and former adjunct faculty member, while Boss currently works at KUNM.

Four honorable mention awardees have been selected. Dr. Steven M. Cobb of Roswell, NM, a UNM alum, was honored for his body of work spanning over forty years in clinical and medical psychology and specifically for his emphasis on meditation, relaxation, and anger control techniques. UNM alum Joy Elaine Denett of Portland, Oregon, was honored for “Exitus – Life Transition Space,” a project which promotes peace and environmental considerations around the death process.

paul-re-1Henry Jake Foreman, a UNM alum and current graduate student from Albuquerque, NM was selected for an honorable mention for his work with projects including “Cycles of Life,” a program involving children in building bicycles, gardening and creating art, as well as “Food Corps”, which promotes food sustainability and hunger relief. Dr. M. Christine Rack of Albuquerque, NM, a UNM alum and retiree, received an honorable mention for her sustained effort of close to forty years in law, social justice and “Peace Studies Program” work in a myriad of projects both in New Mexico and in Nicaragua.

Members of the selection committee included Susan Morrison JD, independent financial advisor; Lynn Billings, JD, mediator; and Professor Fred Shair, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering at Caltech. Prize sponsor and originator Paul Ré, who serves as advisor to the selection committee, noted, “We are very moved by the depth and breadth of the 2012 nominees. It was an excellent educational experience for the committee – very rewarding and gratifying to us. People got the message that this prize is for all disciplines and emphasizes both inner and outer peace.”

DaVinci laureate Paul Ré is recognized internationally for promoting world peace and harmony through his art. For more information about the Peace Prize and Ré’s four decades of creating serene and elevating art, please see his acclaimed volume, “The Dance of the Pencil” and also