DTales October 2, 2013

DTales October 2, 2013


Senior Programmer/Analyst Joins UNMF IT Department

RabinekJeffrey (Jeff) Rabinek began working as a senior programmer/analyst for the UNMF IT Department at the end of August. Jeff most recently worked for the University of Colorado Foundation in Boulder as a senior programmer/DBA. Before that he worked for DataMine Technology Inc. in Parker, Colo., as a senior programmer/analyst contractor. Jeff is an honor graduate of the Milwaukee Area Technical Institute with an AAS degree.

Originally from Wisconsin, Jeff has lived in Colorado since 1998 with his wife, Theresa. Their oldest daughter, Gina, works for the University of Colorado Foundation and is pursuing a master’s degree in non-profit management. Their youngest, Tara, is a junior at the University of Notre Dame, pursuing a civil engineering degree. Jeff reports that he has flock of birds for pets, and that he enjoys reading and traveling when he can find the time. You may reach Jeff at or (303) 522-2219. Welcome, Jeff!

New Athletics Development Officer Joins UNMF Staff

ManzanresEd Manzanares joined the UNMF staff in mid September as an assistant athletic director for development. Ed earned a BA degree from UNM in broadcast journalism and an MA degree in sports business administration from New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU). Ed most recently served as director of athletics at HMHU since June 2007, and before that he was head basketball coach at NMHU for five years. Ed grew up in Chama, N.M., and has three children, Mac, 10; Mari, 8 and Miles, 6. In his free time Ed enjoys golf, horse racing, playing cards and spending as much time with his three children You may reach Ed at or 925-5607. Welcome, Ed!

New College of Fine Arts Development Officer Joins UNMF Staff

StarrSamantha Starr joined the UNMF staff as senior director of development for the College of Fine Arts (CFA) on September 30. Samantha will lead the CFA development efforts after Belinda Jentzen retires on Jan. 10, 2014 (We will have a proper farewell bio for Belinda in a future DTales.) Samantha reports that she originally hails from Berkeley, Calif., where her parents met on the Cal campus in the 1960s. She graduated with honors in music and dramatic arts from Mills College, and conducted further study in the performing arts at Carnegie Mellon University, American Conservatory Theatre, and Barnard College. A UNM alumna, she received her master’s degree in theatre education and outreach (Phi Kappa Phi) in 2007. Samantha relocated to Los Angeles after leaving UNM to work in arts education and fund raising for A Noise Within theatre company and the Skirball Cultural Center, where she helped raise $3 million annually for school outreach, museum exhibitions, music and cultural programs. Her past major gift experience also includes developing new funds to support children with developmental disabilities, American Sign Language interpretation, and a resource library.

Although her career has been in the performing and visual arts, Samantha reported that her greatest production to date is her son, Arlen, a high school junior. As a CFA alumna, she said her new position is the fulfillment of a long-standing career goal and that she’s thrilled to be among her fellow Lobos again. You may reach Samantha at or 277-7320 (please note that this is also Belinda’s number until Jan. 10). Welcome, Samantha!

CFR Employee Departs

Jessica Webb recently resigned her position in Corporate & Foundation Relations, effective October 4, to accept the position of executive director of the Albuquerque Youth Symphony. Congrats, Jessica! We wish you all the best in your new position!


Mark Your Calendar!

Employee Wellness Event:  How to Stay Young Lunch and Learn – this Lunch and Learn provides an opportunity for you to attend a wellness event and have lunch on them! While enjoying lunch, you will listen to a presentation on “How To Stay Young For the First 100 Years.” This brief, fun and enlightening program explains the many facets of a healthy lifestyle and the role that chiropractic plays in keeping you mobile for your entire long life.

Thurs., Oct. 17, 12 noon.
Where:  second floor conference room
RSVP:  To participate in this wellness event, please email Denise at no later than October 11, 2013.

October is Health Literacy Awareness Month!

Note: Info below from UNMF Human Resources via website for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine website.

Health Literacy is defined in the Institute of Medicine report, “Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion,” as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.”

Health literacy is not simply the ability to read. It requires a complex group of reading, listening, analytical, and decision-making skills, and the ability to apply these skills to health situations. For example, it includes the ability to understand instructions on prescription drug bottles, appointment slips, medical education brochures, doctor’s directions and consent forms, and the ability to negotiate complex health care systems.

Health Literacy in a Cultural Context

Recognizing that culture plays an important role in communication helps us better understand health literacy. For people from different cultural backgrounds, health literacy is affected by belief systems, communication styles, and understanding and response to health information. Even though culture is only one part of health literacy, it is a very important piece of the complicated topic of health literacy. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recognizes that “culture affects how people communicate, understand and respond to health information.”(Health and Human Services Quick Guide to Health Literacy- Health Literacy Basics)

According to the American Medical Association report, “Health Literacy and Patient Safety: Help Patients Understand,” poor health literacy is a stronger predictor of a person’s health than age, income, employment status, education level, and race.

There is a move toward “patient-centered” health care as part of an overall effort to improve the quality of health care and to reduce costs. Individual patients and providers need to work together to ensure effective communication. Patients need to take an active role in health related decisions and develop strong health information skills. Health care providers need to utilize effective health communication skills, including techniques such as “teach-back”. Health educators need to write printed and Web-based information using plain language.

Skills Needed for Health Literacy

Patients are often faced with complex information and treatment decisions. Some of the specific tasks patients are required to carry out may include:

  • Evaluating information for credibility and quality
  • Analyzing relative risks and benefits
  • Calculating dosages
  • Interpreting test results
  • Locating health information

In order to accomplish these tasks, individuals may need to be:

  • Visually literate (able to understand graphs or other visual information)
  • Computer literate (able to operate a computer)
  • Information literate (able to obtain and apply relevant information)
  • Numerically or computationally literate (able to calculate or reason numerically)

Oral language skills are important as well. Patients need to articulate their health concerns and describe their symptoms accurately. They need to ask pertinent questions, and they need to understand spoken medical advice or treatment directions. In an age of shared responsibility between physician and patient for health care, patients need strong decision-making skills. With the development of the Internet as a source of health information, health literacy may also include the ability to search the Internet and evaluate Web sites.

For more information on this topic, you can visit their website at

October birthdays: Brenda Barela, Lee De León, Yolanda Dominguez, Karl Kaplan, Raquel LeCesne, Betty Olivas, Jeff Rabinek, Justin Schroer, Pamela Weese

October UNMF/UNM anniversaries: Marlena Bermel ’03, Anndee Wright Brown ’11, Gary Essenpreis ’98, Sheila Hard ’11, Christian Horstmann ’03, Maria Johnson ’11, Drea Kendall ’05, Juniper Manley ’08, Ellen Peterson ’05, Loriann Salgado ’00, Charlotte Wall-Smith ’10

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