Donors establish endowed funds to support a specific purpose in perpetuity.  Endowed funds provide support to the University in the areas of the donor’s interest, including student scholarships, faculty, the general needs of the University or any school, college or program within the University. The UNM Foundation invests the funds and annually approves a spending distribution amount based on a 5-year average of the market value of the total investment fund.  The distribution percentage range is  between 4% and 6% of the 5-year average market value per unit in the endowment.   For information on annual spending distributions to the University, please see the most recent Annual Report of Giving.  For information on the Consolidated Investment Fund, please click here.

Donors may fully fund an endowment with a one-time gift of the full amount; fund it over a three-year pledge period or through a bequest or other deferred gift. The minimum to establish an endowment is $25,000. Costs vary by purpose, so please contact us for more specific information.

In addition to cash, donors may establish endowed funds through any gift vehicle recognized by the UNM Foundation, including gifts of securities or real property, planned gifts, by pooled gifts from a group of friends, with memorial contributions or through continuing gifts to endowment accounts.

Donors work with a Development Officer to help develop guidelines for how their endowments are to be governed and used.

For information on establishing an endowed fund, contact the UNM Foundation.


Endowment Brochure

View the endowment brochure by clicking here.