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FAQ: Faculty & Staff

Do I need to contact CFR if I just want to call a corporation or foundation to discuss my program?

Yes, please. Some corporations and foundations prefer that CFR act as their liaison with UNM.  (Please visit our Resources page for a list of the organizations that have requested central coordination through CFR.) We can also provide background information on organizations and help develop a strategy for successful fundraising.

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Does CFR charge for its services?

No.  As part of the UNM Foundation, we regard your success as our success.  Our services are available to all University units, faculty and staff free of charge.

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Does the UNM Foundation charge a gift fee/tax on any gifts or grants I receive?

No.  Contributions received by the UNM Foundation in support of the University of New Mexico are transferred in their entirety to the school, college, department, or program designated by the donor.

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How do I get started if I want to send a proposal to a corporation or a foundation?

Call CFR, whether you have a proposal ready to send or you don’t know where to begin.   We can conduct prospect research as well as review and edit documents for compliance with application guidelines and donor interests.  This can improve your proposal’s chances of success. Our CFR Project Planning Worksheet can get you started thinking about how to communicate the importance of your work to corporations and foundation.

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Our department could really use an endowment or an endowed chair. Can you get one for us?

Organizations are not usually good sources of funding for general operating support or endowments.  That said, we will always explore all possible options for supporting your program.

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What about federal grants? Can you help me with those?

Sorry, no.  The UNM Foundation’s mission is to work with private organizations, i.e. corporations and foundations. For help with federal grants, please contact: The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) Web: research.unm.edu E-mail: vpr@unm.edu Telephone: 505-277-6128

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