How is the Foundation accountable to donors?

The Foundation recognizes its responsibility to maintain both public confidence and private trust. Information about its policies, activities, financial statements and other information that would provide a further understanding of its mission and operations are available for review. The UNM Foundation honors its obligation to maintain donor confidentiality and to pursue accepted business practices with regard to human resources, legal, financial and other matters. In addition to the external oversight provided by the Board of Trustees, the Foundation meets all regulatory requirements at federal, state and local levels, and has taken initiative in many areas to exceed the requirements of regulatory agencies in order to provide better information and service to UNM and its donors. As part of its reporting responsibility, the UNM Foundation provides the following documents for donor and public review:

  • An annual financial audit conducted by a national accounting firm. The audit is reviewed with the Foundation’s audit and budget committee and the Board of Trustees as well as presented to the UNM Board of Regents
  • An annual report of giving and Foundation activities
  • Written operational policies
  • Foundation Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Joint UNM and Foundation investment policies
  • IRS tax form 990 for the past three years
  • Memorandum of Agreement with the University.

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