If the University of New Mexico is a public institution, why does it need private financial support?

Like most other state universities today, the University of New Mexico receives a small percent of its annual budget directly from the state. Since UNM is state-assisted, not state supported, the remainder of its operating revenues comes from other sources such as student tuition and fees, federal and state grants and the generosity of UNM donors. State dollars are diminishing as a percentage of the University’s budget as higher education continues to compete with many other demands on state revenue. With continued tuition increases over the last decade, UNM must be cautious about additional tuition increases that might deny deserving students the chance to receive a UNM education. Because state support is declining relative to the University’s total operating budget and limited increases can be expected in tuition, private gifts are becoming increasingly important to UNM.

Donors who recognize this increasing need provide resources for scholarships, fellowships and endowed faculty positions that help UNM attract and retain the brightest students and the best professors in their field of study. Private donors are significant partners in advancing new programs, supporting important research and building world-class health care for all New Mexicans.

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