Why give to UNM?

  • UNM offers resources no other university in the state can match. UNM has the state’s only schools of medicine, law, pharmacy, and architecture as well as nationally ranked programs in medicine, engineering, law, and the arts. UNM confers over 80% of the graduate and professional degrees in the state. What’s more, UNM is recognized as place where people of diverse backgrounds find welcoming connections to new opportunities. There is simply no other place in New Mexico where your investment can contribute more to the education of our state and nation’s future leaders.
  • UNM is addressing the most crucial higher education issues. Our access to excellence in education coupled with our commitment to student access and affordability make UNM unique among the nation’s public research universities.
  • At 42%, UNM has the highest percentage of Hispanic and Native American students of any flagship university in the country. The diversity of UNM’s student population gives donors a unique way to connect with new cultures, and the chance to work in an area with unique demographics.
  • The University of New Mexico is a major economic force in New Mexico. It is one of the state’s largest employers and trains many of New Mexico’s leaders – UNM educates one-third of the state’s doctors, one-third of its lawyers, one-quarter of its public school teachers, and half of the state’s pharmacists. And yet, the university receives approximately 18% of its annual operating budget from state funds. Much more can be done to attract and retain New Mexico’s students and help make our state a model for the world.
  • We need your help now.

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