Why should I give to the UNM Foundation instead of directly to UNM?

Giving to the UNM Foundation instead of directly to UNM ensures all funds are used according to your specific requests and not mixed with state provided dollars. Private funds held by the UNM Foundation offer the University greater flexibility in the timing and nature of expenditures. The UNM Foundation manages millions of dollars in endowment funds, so the return on these investments contributes significantly to the private support available to UNM. Unlike appropriated dollars, gift funds can be invested in equities and other instruments for long-term growth. These generally earn a significantly higher rate of return than appropriated dollars since state statutes limit how appropriated funds can be invested. The difference in earnings can be substantial, allowing donors to provide greater support for UNM students, faculty and staff.

The purpose of the UNM Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit, public-benefit corporation, is to cultivate and administer private financial support for the University of New Mexico. To facilitate this purpose, the University’s Board of Regents established the UNM Foundation, Inc. in 1979, and the Foundation began operations in the spring of 1980. In accordance with University policy, all private gifts are received through the UNM Foundation.

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