Audited Financial Statements FY 2021 and 2020

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Audited Financial Statements FY 2020 and 2019

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2020 Form 990 and 990-T (FY2020/21)

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2019 Form 990 and 990-T (FY2019/20)

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2018 Form 990 and 990-T (FY2018/19)

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Private Giving FY 2020-2021

More than $85 million in private support was given to The University of New Mexico during the July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 fiscal year. Private support includes gifts and pledges received for the benefit of UNM’s students, schools, colleges, departments and programs.

Along with you, more than 8,800 donors provided more than 26,000 gifts that support UNM’s mission of student and faculty success, world-class research and exceptional patient care at clinics and hospitals.

Your generosity builds the future at The University of New Mexico. We are grateful for your trust, and we thank you for your support.



Consolidated Investment Fund FY 2020-2021

The UNM Board of Regents has delegated authority to the UNM Foundation Investment Committee to oversee and manage the endowment assets of the University and the Foundation. The pooled assets are combined for investment purposes and operated as a unitized pool known as the Consolidated Investment Fund (CIF). The CIF is managed in accordance with the Consolidated Investment Fund Investment Policy, which is approved by both the UNM Foundation Board of Trustees and the UNM Board of Regents.

CIF investments are invested for the long-term using a diversified approach, with the principal goal of maximizing the return at a commensurate and acceptable level of risk, to benefit UNM. Investment strategy is guided by the concept of complementary managers that are responsible for specific asset categories and management styles in a diversified portfolio (see “Diversified Asset Allocation” chart).

The CIF finished the year with a market value of approximately $580.3 million, compared to $444.6 million a year ago, and an investment return of 31.3 percent.

In addition to the customary investment management expenses, a development funding allocation (DFA) of 1.85% is assessed against each participating fund to assist with operational expenses.


How We Report Your Gifts

The UNM Foundation (UNMF) complies with various standards when reporting private gifts, depending on the purpose of the report and the requirements of the requesting organization. We welcome your questions at (505) 313-7600.

The UNMF Annual Report of Giving reports the total effort of the UNM community in engaging private donors. Based on UNM Foundation campaign counting standards, qualifying bequests, cash and in-kind gifts donated directly to UNM-affiliated units, as well as pledges meeting the criteria, are counted and recognized in the annual total.

The UNMF’s audited financial statements report your gifts in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Unlike campaign reporting, gifts of bequests, cash and in-kind gifts donated directly to UNM-affiliated units, as well as pledges outside the criteria for GAAP, are omitted.

Given their differing objectives, each of these standards reports the gifts received by UNM differently. Campaign reports are distributed monthly and through our Annual Report of Giving.