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Alumni & Campus Life

AAUW Albuquerque Branch Scholarship for Graduate Women

Awarded to a graduate student who demonstrates an active commitment to helping women and girls through service in the community, profession or research. The Albuquerque Branch was officially recognized in 1927 to unite the alumni of colleges and universities on the AAUW list of qualified institutions for practical educational work, to concentrate and increase their... Read more »

Accessibility Resource Center

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) – Connect, Collaborate, Succeed at UNM is a great way to get started with us at ARC where our focus is working with students with Disabilities. Located on the second floor of Mesa Vista Hall room 2021, the Accessibility Resource Center provides a variety of services to self identified UNM students... Read more »

Adaptive Design Fund

Funding will be used to support research, education, and service opportunities that partner students from UNM with members of the community to create designs that will improve accessibility for people with short- and long-term disabilities.

ADVANCE at UNM Women in STEM Awards

Contribute to our Women in STEM awards and be part of recognizing some of the most innovative research at UNM. Past recipients have used the awards to explore new ideas, begin collaborative projects, fund workshops, and research travel. This funded work frequently provides the foundation for seeking additional funding. Read more about the recipients here.

ADVANCE at UNM: Women and Minority STEM Faculty Support

Help support UNM’s women and minority faculty in STEM Contribute to this fund to help highlight accomplishments of under-recognized scientists at UNM and create professional development opportunities and establish new research and develop faculty collaborations. As part of this work, we’ll continue projects that help advance women and minorities including career-related panels and workshops, productivity... Read more »

Advancing Discovery, Creativity, & Innovation for UNM Research Fund

Your gift will enable UNM’s students and faculty to conduct impactful research and creative activity to benefit New Mexico, the nation, and people around the world. Your support can fund lectures by international experts, seed new projects, or otherwise catalyze generation of knowledge and understanding in areas as diverse as the arts, quantum information science... Read more »

Agora Crisis Center Fund

Agora provides compassionate free confidential help to anyone in need of emotional support. Services include talk-line, walk-in clinic, online emotional support chat, volunteer opportunities and community education. As one of the oldest crisis centers nationwide, Agora hosts the NM Youth Suicide Prevention crisis line and is part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network as... Read more »

Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership (ATRP)

This program improves the preparation and retention of effective, diverse teachers for high-need schools and has been nationally recognized with the Billy G. Dixon Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Award. It is a collaboration between the College, Albuquerque Public Schools and the Albuquerque Teachers Federation. Gifts from caring donors directly support program students.

Alex Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor the memory of an amazing New Mexican that has made The University of New Mexico a better place for students. In his many roles, from student to the Registrar, Alex put students first and changed policies in order to remove barriers and make the transition through the institution easier.... Read more »

Alumni Association Chicago Chapter Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s Chicago Regional Chapter has established this fund to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are preferably legal residents of the Chicago, Illinois, area and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like... Read more »

Alumni Association Denver Colorado Regional Chapter Endowed Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s Denver Colorado Regional Chapter has established this endowment to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are legal residents of the chapter’s city and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you,... Read more »

Alumni Association Georgia Chapter Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s Georgia Regional Chapter has established this fund to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are preferably legal residents of Georgia and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you, as well... Read more »

Alumni Association Las Vegas Regional Chapter Endowed Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s Las Vegas Regional Chapter has established this endowment to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are legal residents of the chapter’s city and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you,... Read more »

Alumni Association Los Angeles Regional Chapter Endowed Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s Los Angeles Regional Chapter has established this endowment to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are legal residents of the chapter’s city and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you,... Read more »

Alumni Association New York Regional Chapter Endowed Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s New York Regional Chapter has established this endowment to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are legal residents of the chapter’s city and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you,... Read more »

Alumni Association Norcal Regional Chapter Endowed Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s Norcal Regional Chapter has established this endowment to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are legal residents of the chapter’s city and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you, as... Read more »

Alumni Homecoming Club

By joining The Alumni Homecoming Club, you send a strong message to other alumni and friends about the importance of supporting the UNM Alumni Association and The University of New Mexico. You will be listed as a member of the loyal Alumni Homecoming Club on the Alumni Association’s website. Your generous donation will help sponsor... Read more »

Alumni Washington, D.C. Chapter Regional Endowed Scholarship

The UNM Alumni Association’s Washington, D.C. Regional Chapter has established this endowment to provide scholarship opportunities and educational stipends for students who are legal residents of the chapter’s city and attend The University of New Mexico. The Alumni chapter raises funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you,... Read more »

Alyce and Terry Richardson Biology Scholarship Fund

The Alyce and Terry Richardson Biology Scholarship Fund was established in 2020. This fund is intended to support underrepresented University of New Mexico students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology, preferably Juniors and Seniors working or proposing to work in a Cellular and Molecular research laboratory.

Annual Fund for Law – Academic Programs

Beyond financial aid packages, most law students need additional support for academic success. Costs for experiential programs, tutors, prep programs, externships, fellowships, competitions, and more are met with gifts made to support these essential experiences.

Annual Fund for Law – Scholarships

Meeting need-based financial aid requirements for students is our number one priority. Each year, this general fund helps over 300 students of all types to succeed in and to stay in law school. In many cases, these awards help us to compete for our own New Mexico residents — keeping them in New Mexico, where... Read more »

Annual Fund for Law – Unrestricted

These gifts honor the law school’s tradition of quickly and supportively responding to pressing and immediate needs. Most often, these are real needs that arise for our students that go beyond financial aid or the classroom. These needs cannot be met by using gifts, funds or grants whose use is narrowly restricted to a particular... Read more »

Asian American Pacific Islander Resource Center (AAPIRC) General Fund

The mission of the Asian-American Pacific Islander Resource Center is to build a community to create a sense of belonging for students of Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage during their studies at the University of New Mexico. AAPIRC will also seek to provide culturally relevant programs that cultivate Asian/Pacific Islander leaders within communities. Your contributions will go... Read more »

Beatrice Family Scholarship Endowment

The Beatrice Family Scholarship Endowment would not have been possible without the Love and support of my family. Their compassion for others, hard work and dedication to make life the best it can be has been a true gift. We want to share our success with others that will benefit from financial support as they... Read more »

Bertha Melgoza, PhD Clinical Psychology Fund

The Bertha Melgoza, PhD Clinical Psychology Fund is awarded to a graduate student in the Department of Psychology’s Clinical Program who demonstrates outstanding promise in research, clinical work, or both. Established to honor Dr. Bertha Melgoza, an accomplished and recognized graduate of UNM, this fund also seeks to encourage additional donations. It was established by... Read more »

Brad and Jan Tepper Student Emergency Support Fund

Brad and Jan Tepper established this fund to provide financial assistance to students of School of Law, who are managing demanding academic requirements while struggling with debilitating financial circumstances. Potential reasons for awarding emergency funding include, but are not limited to: · Support for temporary housing, and/or other essential needs, due to displacement by fire... Read more »

Butterfield Educational Fund

The Butterfield Educational Fund honors the legacy of Bernie Butterfield, former owner and chairman of Butterfield Jewelers, UNM alumnus, longtime supporter of Lobo athletics and the UNM Presidential Scholarship Program. The fund will support educational opportunities for students at The University of New Mexico.

Campus Beautification Fund

The Campus Beautification Fund provides support to the UNM Physical Plant Department, to care for and maintain the UNM physical campus environment and make the campus a beautiful place for students, staff, faculty and the New Mexico community.

Campus Substance Abuse Prevention Director’s Fund

Supports faculty, staff, and students at the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions (CASAA) to conduct research on the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug problems; develop new researchers; train community practitioners; and develop new service programs to prevent adverse consequences from the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Carlton M. Caves CQuIC Scholarship Fund

Established to honor Carlton M. Caves, Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and to promote academic excellence, this fund will be used to recruit and support student involvement in academic work in the area of quantum information science.

Carter-Fleck Professorship in Nursing

The Carter-Fleck Professorship in Nursing honors two gifted, caring nurses who helped found the nationally respected University of New Mexico College of Nursing in September 1955: Mary Jane Carter and Marion Fleck. A goal of the Professorship is to build on the strong College of Nursing programs and to lead and coordinate efforts in research,... Read more »

Center for Native American Health

The Center for Native American Health (CNAH) is UNM’s flagship program for Native American student recruitment and retention into the health sciences. CNAH delivers services for academic success and health workforce development. Donations assist students with entrance and exam preparation, tutoring, cultural engagement, and participation in special academic or professional activities, and assists with tribal... Read more »

Chemistry Lab Equipment Fund

Donations to this fund will be used to buy new equipment for the labs in the UNM Department of Chemistry in order to further the department’s research.

Cherry & Silver Society

Gifts from alumni to the Cherry & Silver Society are unrestricted donations and allow the University flexibility to address its greatest needs.

Chicana and Chicano Studies

The project enriches programming related to the history, art, and culture of Mexican/Latino descent populations in the United States through education, public media, and community outreach. Educational programs center arts-based, culturally relevant and community learning opportunities. The funds will cover expenses for personal and community empowerment in extended university and high school courses, community leadership... Read more »

Child & Family Justice Initiative (CFJI) Fund

The UNM School of Law embraces its responsibility as New Mexico’s Law School to serve New Mexico’s people and address important issues facing the state. The CFJI exists to pursue justice and racial equity for New Mexico’s most vulnerable children and families by creating and enhancing programs for pipelining to Law School, preparation in Law... Read more »

Christian Medical and Dental Association

The UNM chapter of the Christian Medical and Dental Association exists to: 1) Provide Christian fellowship and study to all members of the UNM health care community including staff, faculty, and students 2) Provide a forum of sincere discussion regarding spiritual beliefs and faith in health care practice 3) Reach out to the greater Albuquerque... Read more »

CHTM General Support Fund

Your gift will enable UNM faculty, staff, and students to create and sustain a culture of excellence. Our goal is to promote research and education in photonics, microelectronics, and nanoscale materials and devices.Their applications will expand scientific understanding in these fields. CHTM needs your support to continue its education and research mission and commit to... Read more »

Cindy Jaramillo Graduate Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund has been established in honor of Cindy Jaramillo, retired UNM Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences staff member who is beloved by students, staff and faculty alike. This fund will be used to provide scholarship support for graduate students in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences. Thank you for making a... Read more »

Class of 1970 Scholarship Endowment

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of their Graduation from the College of Pharmacy, the Class of 1970 has established an endowment that would provide scholarships for students with financial need. Unified in their commitment to the future of pharmacy, this scholarship is a testament to their relationship with one another and the positive impact... Read more »

College Enrichment Program

The College Enrichment Program (CEP) provides programs that directly impact students’ success at UNM. CEP provides comprehensive student support services that assist students with their transition to higher education and attaining collegiate success. Programs focus on students who are first-generation, low income and come from rural areas. We truly BELIEVE all students have the ability... Read more »

College of Pharmacy Class of 2014 Endowment Fund

The Class of 2014 has established an endowment at the College of Pharmacy that would provide current and future Dean’s with the discretionary funds needed for the continued success of the College as it evolves with the profession. This endowment was made in honor of Dean Godwin and class advisor, Dr. Debra MacKenzie, who inspired... Read more »

College of Pharmacy Dean’s Vision Endowment Fund

The College of Pharmacy Dean’s Vision Endowment Fund allows the College to act on opportunities for the professional and career development of students and faculty. These include special programs to enhance the mission areas (teaching, research, and patient care) of the College, travel funds for students to attend regional/national meetings, one-of-a-kind events to enhance the... Read more »

Collegiate Recovery Center

The UNM Collegiate Recovery Center is dedicated to supporting all students in recovery from addiction, at any point on their journey. We offer a dedicated, safe space for students in and seeking recovery to participate in programming and services specific to their needs and to interact with those who share their experience. Most importantly, we... Read more »

Community Engaged Learning & Research Fund

The Office for Community Engaged Learning & Research (CELR) cultivates community engagement initiatives that strengthen communities. Your generous funding helps CELR connect UNM students, faculty and staff with Albuquerque and New Mexico communities to foster student learning, engagement, and leadership in civic life. It also helps the CELR serve as the university’s convener for campus... Read more »

CQuIC Events Fund

This fund provides support for a variety of events that enhance the reach of our curriculum by disseminating information about current research among the quantum information science community.

Daily Lobo Alumni Fund

Help the NM Daily Lobo provide the technology, educational environment and professional resources to build a broad base of professionals for the future. At the Daily Lobo, students learn by doing—producing a daily newspaper, website, and advertising products for the UNM community. Students gain real-world experience in reporting, editing, photography, sales, marketing, accounting, design, web,... Read more »

Daily Lobo Protective Gear for Students

In providing front line coverage of local protests, Daily Lobo reporters and photographers have encountered tear gas and have witnessed violence, including proximity to real and rubber bullets. Donations to this fund provide student journalists with equipment to properly identify them as well as protect them from physical harm at protests. A protective kit for... Read more »

Dana Tai Soon Burgess and Jameson Freeman Endowed Fund for Dance

Dana Tai Soon Burgess is a Santa Fe native, and graduated from the University of New Mexico. Dana is a leading American choreographer, dancer, and cultural figure. He founded Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company ( in 1992. It is the preeminent modern dance company in the Washington, D.C. region. He is the first ever... Read more »

David Hamilton Teaching Fellowship

The Department of Economics is requesting donations to support the David Hamilton Teaching Fellowship. The fellowship established in 2019 honors the teaching of Professor David Hamilton who taught for 60 years at UNM (1949-2009) and passed away in 2016 at the age of 98. The Fellowship was established to support a graduate teaching assistant to... Read more »

Dennis Peña Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Dennis Peña Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to honor the life of UNM College of Pharmacy 1957 alumnus, Dennis Peña, RPh, and to continue his legacy of excellence, service, and generosity. The goal of this fund is to create a $25,000 endowment which will allow for an annual award of $1000 to student... Read more »

Dennis S. Peña Memorial Poison Center Endowment

Dennis had a passion for music but a close second was his profession as a pharmacist. Dennis’ passion for his profession was reflected in his ongoing support of the New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center. For him, the impact that this organization makes throughout the state was vital for the health and safety of... Read more »

Dick McGuire Memorial Endowed Golf Fund

The McGuire Fund supports UNM Women’s Golf. Dick McGuire loved New Mexico’s mountains, he loved its spicy chile, and he loved corny jokes from anywhere — the cornier the better. And he loved the game of golf. It loved him back.

Diversity Initiatives

UNM’s Division for Equity and Inclusion (DEI) works to enhance experiences of the faculty, staff, & students at UNM—at Central/Main/ABQ campus, HSC, and at our Branch campuses. Utilizing an equity & inclusion lens to expand opportunity & cultivate potential at UNM requires centering the community wealth of the peoples of New Mexico and beyond. DEI... Read more »

Dr. Howard V. Finston Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this fund is to support scholarships for female graduate students matriculating at the UNM Anderson School of Management in any of its programs. Dr. Howard V. Finston was the Dean of the Anderson School of Management for 1962 to 1968 when he resigned to pursue teaching organizational behavior, labor relations and related... Read more »

Dr. Karen Abraham Courtyard Fund

Gifts made to this fund will be used for the renovation of the landscaped courtyard just east of Hodgin Hall, in honor of Dr. Karen Abraham’s 45 years of dedication and service to the University of New Mexico. All donations made to this project will be matched by the UNM Alumni Association with a goal... Read more »

Dr. Nathaniel Wollman Endowed Fund

The purpose of the Dr. Nathaniel Wollman Endowed Fund is to support faculty research in the Department of Economics, and by this means to enrich the student experience in economics. Dr. Wollman was a professor of economics at UNM (1948-1980), who served as Department Chair (1960-1969), and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences... Read more »

Dr. Steve Chen Hematopathology Lectureship Series

This lectureship series was established by Drs. Steve and Rebecca Chen. The series honors Dr. Steve Chen’s outstanding contributions as a Hematopathologist. Your gift will support an annual hematopathology lecture within the UNM Department of Pathology. Each year, there will be a featured guest speaker as part of this educational series.

Drs. Arthur and Ellen Kaufman Community Health/HEROs Fund

Now, more than ever, we need to help New Mexicans reduce health risks and realize healthier outcomes. The challenge is daunting. Social and economic forces play a greater role in health than does the healthcare system, and New Mexico suffers the highest burden of adverse social and economic indicators of any state. Contributions to the... Read more »

El Centro de la Raza Fund

Your support matters because it shows our students that a whole community stands behind their efforts to succeed. By making a contribution to El Centro de la Raza you are investing in education, leadership, and New Mexico. Gracias!

Franklin Garber Endowed Scholarship in Music

Franklin Garber was a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Frank was an executive for Zanios Foods and was widely known in the food and beverage industry. He was an accomplished and dedicated musician and especially loved playing guitar for all of his friends and family. Established by his daughter, Christi Garber, the fund will support... Read more »

Friends of Dance Endowed Scholarship

Friends of Dance is a group of enthusiastic community members and dance faculty, with the goal of supporting UNM students of Dance. Founded in 1988, they have awarded awards to nearly a hundred dancers, assisting them with tuition and fees at UNM. Currently, Friends of Dance is working to grown the Friends of Dance Endowment... Read more »

Fund for Inspirational, Biological, and Engaged Research (FIBER)

We believe that engaging kids in our community to demystify science will happen by doing science and having fun. We have partnered with the Explora Science Center and NASA on a pilot project where students learn about life in space and collect data for our science on the International Space Station. Your donation will support... Read more »

Geospatial and Population Studies Fund

Geospatial and Population Studies improves people’s lives by performing research and evaluation to provide accurate and actionable information for data-driven decisions and policies. GPS is New Mexico’s liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau. Our work helps ensure accurate demographic data for New Mexico. Besides demographic data, our other main focus is on traffic crash data.... Read more »

Graduate Studies Fund

Assists with graduate student support and operations costs for the Graduate Studies Program.

Grand Challenges General Fund

In the Spring of 2019, after an extensive, university-wide competition, designed to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration, UNM President Garnett S. Stokes launched three “Grand Challenges” that address problems of global, national, and regional significance. They are: Sustainable Water Resources, Successful Aging, and Substance Use Disorders. These challenges require researchers to work together across disciplinary boundaries to... Read more »

Helen Damico Memorial Lecture Series

This fund supports the Helen Damico Memorial Lecture Series. Begun in 1986 as the Institute for Medieval Studies Spring Lecture Series, the name was changed in 2020 to honor the founder of the series, Dr. Helen Damico. Contribution to this fund will continue her legacy and help bring national and international scholars of Medieval Studies... Read more »

International Projects for ASM Students

Anderson has a long history of supporting students to use business and management skills to shape the global agenda. Please support out fund and learn more about what international projects we are currently working on. These projects include student projects that include providing international experiences to our diverse student population. For information about previous student... Read more »

IOM Director’s Fund

The Institute of Meteoritics (IOM) is a premier research institution for study of early solar system and planetary evolution. The IOM is one of the world’s the first institutions devoted to the study of meteorites, focusing on a wide variety of extraterrestrial materials utilizing state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. This fund provides support for event, conference and... Read more »

Irene Navarre Dental Hygiene Student Award

Irene Navarre was a major contributor to the field of Dental Hygiene. She helped start the New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada Dental Hygienists’ Associations and devoted her life to promoting dental hygiene science and integration in dental offices. She was a founder of the University of New Mexico’s dental hygiene program over 50 years ago.... Read more »

Irish Studies Fund

This fund supports the study and promotion of Irish culture at UNM and in the wider community. Our activities include administering scholarships, promoting student and faculty research, directing study abroad programs in Ireland, and organizing public lectures and community events.

James “Jimmy” Butler Track and Cross-Country Student Support Endowment

This endowment funds the most pressing needs that benefit track and cross-country student-athletes, such as nutrition support, non-insured medical procedures, athlete recruitment expenses, massage therapy and chiropractic treatments, and scholarship support. Jimmy Butler was an assistant coach of cross country at UNM for six years, but sadly passed away in 2021. While at UNM, he... Read more »

James S. Findley Fund

James S. Findley Fund supports student field research through the Museum of Southwestern Biology. The Fund honors Emeritus Faculty member, Jim Findley who made many outstanding contributions to the Museum (Director and Curator) and Biology Department (Professor and Chair). Dr. Findley inspired many undergraduate students in his courses in Vertebrate Biology, Mammalogy, Tropical Biology, and... Read more »

Judy A. Zanotti Endowed Scholarship in Special Education

Established on the occasion of her receiving an Honorary Doctorate from UNM, this scholarship recognizes Judy Zanotti for her strong ethics, exceptional leadership skills, selfless work on behalf of UNM and community organizations, and advocacy for children with disabilities. The scholarship supports future special education teachers.

Judy Ortiz-Aragon Dark Horse Scholarship

A dark horse is a candidate or competitor about whom little is known, but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds. The recipient of this scholarship will be an “underdog” who is behind the scenes working hard, may not get credit where credit is due, yet peers know the dedication and drive this cadet has within. Heart... Read more »

Karen A. Foss Communication & Journalism Development Fund

Named for Regents Professor Karen Foss, this award provides travel support for faculty, graduate students, and staff; supports international exchange programs; and helps to sustain our colloquium and lecture/lecture series programming.

LAII Student Field Research Grant Fund

The Latin American and Iberian Institute (LAII) Student Field Research Grants provide much-needed support for students working in Latin America across UNM’s colleges, schools and programs. They allow masters and professional students to complete research for their degrees and support PhD pilot projects. These life-changing grants are often the first received by students who go... Read more »

Latin American & Iberian Institute General Fund

The Latin American & Iberian Institute General Fund provides research funding for graduate students and faculty whose scholarship focuses on Latin American, supports public research lectures and provides funding for outreach activities of the Institute.

Latinx Linguists’ Fund

The Latinx Linguists’ Fund serves students of Linguistics who are first generation to college, low income, and/or members of ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in graduate school. Any recipient must be focusing their studies on Linguistics or Hispanic Linguistics.

Law Student Emergency Relief Fund

The UNM School of Law has established a fund to provide emergency financial aid of up to $1,000 per eligible student. Law students to include graduating 3Ls may apply for emergency financial aid by submitting a written request to the Dean of the School of Law. The Dean will require the student to provide certain... Read more »

Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies Programs Fund

This fund supports the multidisciplinary mission of the Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies Programs in University College, including support for experiential education, outreach to the community and expansion of services to branch campuses and partners throughout New Mexico.

Linda Cordell Endowed Graduate Scholarship

The Linda Cordell Endowed Scholarship was established in 2014 to honor our former department Chair and faculty member who conducted innovative archaeological research in the Southwest and mentored a generation of graduate students. This award will be made annually to a graduate student pursuing dissertation research in Archaeology. Image courtesy of the School of Advanced... Read more »

Lobo Food Pantries Future Fund Endowment

To address food insecurity issues among students at UNM, the Lobo Food Pantries offer food and supplies to students facing basic needs. Beginning in 2014, the Lobo Mobile Food Pantry partnered with the Road Runner Foodbank to start monthly fresh food distributions to the UNM community. As the demand and numbers of recipients grew, the... Read more »

Lobo Food Pantry

The Lobo Food Pantry provides free groceries to students, employees, and the greater UNM community during our monthly mobile food pantry. Your donation will support the costs associated with running the food pantry and help support people who need access to food. This program is a collaboration between the Dean of Student Office, OSA and... Read more »

LTSS Occupational Therapy Scholarship Fund

La Tierra Sagrada Society is a member-driven organization, dedicated to investing in the healthcare providers of tomorrow by supporting students today. One hundred percent of your contribution supports a need-based scholarship for a student in the UNM Occupational Therapy Program. Gifts of any denomination will be accepted and greatly appreciated. An annual gift of $1,000... Read more »

LTSS Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund

La Tierra Sagrada Society is a member-driven organization, dedicated to investing in the health care providers of tomorrow by supporting students today. One hundred per cent of your contribution supports a need-based scholarship for a student in the UNM Physical Therapy Program. An annual gift of $1,000 or greater grants membership status, however the Society... Read more »

LTSS Physician Assistant Scholarship Fund

La Tierra Sagrada Society is a member-driven organization, dedicated to supporting health care providers of tomorrow by investing in students today. One hundred percent of your contribution supports a need-based scholarship for a student in the UNM Physician Assistant Program. An annual gift of $1,000 or greater grants membership status, however the Society appreciates gifts... Read more »

Luis and LaMorah Abeyta Endowed Scholarship

The Luis and LaMorah Abeyta Endowed Scholarship is for members of the Spirit Squad—Louies and Lucys included—who carry a full course load and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5. Edward Abeyta found some of his most memorable moments as Louie stemmed from camaraderie with other members of the Spirit Squad. Those students, who essentially volunteer... Read more »

Mary Bolton-Koppenhaver Student Award Fund

The Mary Bolton-Koppenhaver Student Award Fund sets Speech and Hearing Sciences graduate students on a course of meaningful involvement in the field by supporting selected students’ participation in local and nationwide professional conferences. It was established in honor of a woman who dedicated herself to student learning and tirelessly trailblazed development of the department’s clinical... Read more »

Maxwell Museum Archives and Library Fund

The Maxwell Museum Archives and Library hold the history of American Anthropology and Southwestern Archaeology at UNM. Your gift helps to preserve the extensive research records, field notes, maps, photos, and other research documents for future generations.

Maxwell Museum Education, Curation and Research Fund

Support the three pillars of the Maxwell Museum: 1. education and community engagement; 2. care of collections that tell the human story from 2 million years ago until today; and 3. innovative anthropological research. Your gift will be used where the need is greatest to support Albuquerque’s oldest public museum.

Melissa Vargas Memorial Fund

Melissa Vargas served The University of New Mexico for more than two decades, providing great leadership to many across campus. Her passion for higher education, combined with her ability to bring people together to accomplish great things made her a positive force at UNM. She will be greatly missed by many and in her memory,... Read more »

Men of Color Initiative (MOCI) Programs

The Men of Color Initiative (MOCI) is a project of the Division for Equity and Inclusion that focuses on educational success for men of color. MOCI is a community-based research project led by Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Latino, Native and other men of color students organizing together with campus and community partners to increase access and... Read more »

Michael Raburn Scholarship Endowment

“Being a pharmacist has allowed me to have a positive impact on the health of countless individuals, giving me a personal fulfillment for my purpose in life. The relationships I have developed over the years of my practice are priceless. I strive to live a life absent of greed desiring to benefit others. I believe... Read more »

Michelle Elizabeth Canaday Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Michelle Elizabeth (Welles) Canaday (1986-2020) passed away too early. This Scholarship was established in her memory by an initial gift from family members. Any interested individual or organization may make additional gifts at any time by contacting the Department of Economics. Read more about the Michelle Elizabeth Canaday and the Memorial Fund here.

Mock Trial Club

Mock trial is a competitive courtroom simulation which gives students the opportunity to master their trial advocacy and acting skills. UNM Mock Trial Club is the only competing intercollegiate mock trial program in New Mexico.

Muhammad Afzaal Hussain Scholarship

Scholarship for an incoming or returning UNM international undergraduate or graduate student per conditions of the gift agreement. The scholarship may be used to pay for tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and/or other allowable miscellaneous expenses related to the cost of attendance at UNM.

Nepal Study Center (NSC) Study Abroad Fund

The Nepal Study Center is dedicated to fostering intellectual collaboration and knowledge sharing with focus and perspective on socio-economic development and sustainability, health, technology transfer, and environmental issues of the Himalayan region and South Asia. Your donation will support research related activities related to Nepal. This fund will help the Nepal Study Center’s study abroad... Read more »

Neural Pathways of Applied Reflexology Fund

This fund will support research to use task-based and resting-state functional MRI to map neural pathways of the brain & spinal cord mediating the application of reflexology techniques. The goal is to establish the neural basis of applied reflexology work leading to research in clinical applications of reflexology.

Norm Taslitz PhD Physician Assistant Scholarship Fund

Established in honor of Norm Taslitz, PhD whose scholarship, guidance and love for students was instrumental in the inception and development of the UNM PA Program. This fund, which we hope to bring to the UNM endowed fund level, will support scholarships for future UNM PA students who meet the criteria outlined by the Scholarship... Read more »

North Golf Course Neighborhood Fund

All donations received through this fund will be used to plant trees and make other improvements to the North Golf Course. This urban reforestation effort is part of the joint work of UNM, Bernalillo County, and the North Campus Neighborhood Association to preserve the north golf course as an important green space in the heart... Read more »

Occupational Therapy Graduate Program

Your gift to the Department of Pediatrics, Occupational Therapy Graduate Program at UNM helps students become the most expertly trained, compassionate occupational therapists possible. Learn more about the Occupational Therapy Graduate Program by visiting If you would like to make a gift in honor of a specific graduating class, please include the graduation year... Read more »

Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment

Ndidiamaka Okpareke is a firm believer in the principles of service leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, vision, and gift giving. She leads because she is led. She gives because she is given. The act of sowing fruitful seeds and paying forward the harvest is illuminating to the hope of the generations of our future. It is... Read more »

Ortega Family Scholarship Endowment

Jennifer and Louis Ortega both have a passion for the expansion of the scope of pharmacy practice and leadership in the profession. They have decided to create an endowment that would support students and help provide resources for them to be successful in their careers. As UNM alumni, Jennifer (PharmD ’01) and Louis (BSPh ’97)... Read more »

Pandemic Response Fund

Gifts from generous donors help the College to respond to the coronavirus pandemic by working with schools and other organizations. Donor gifts make a difference in teacher quality and support; mental health and wellbeing; and community health.

Passport to People Program Fund

Your gift to the Maxwell Museum Passport to People program will help support multi-generational thematic Family Day educational events that explore exhibitions, topics, and cultures of people around the world. Participants complete activities such as hands-on projects, connecting with special community guests, artists and musicians, and exploring museum exhibits, and receive stamps in a “passport”... Read more »

Patrick Nagatani Scholarship in Photography

We are pleased to honor the legacy of Patrick Nagatani by establishing a scholarship in his name. The Patrick Nagatani Scholarship in Photography will support a graduate student in the Photography area of the Department of Art. Patrick Nagatani came to UNM in 1987, and joined the Department of Art and Art History, where he... Read more »

Paul Barlett Ré Peace Prize Spending Account

The Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize is administered by The University of New Mexico Foundation. It has been endowed to operate in perpetuity and extends his decades of work promoting harmony in the world through art. In 2012, the eligibility for the Peace Prize was extended to also include all UNM alumni, a group that... Read more »

PBK Alpha New mexico Chapter

The funds are used to pay the PBK membership fees for new UNM invitees to join the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. The funds are also used to cover the expenses for events in which the student members have opportunities to network with PBK alums and to promote the student’s professional and personal development.

Pharmacy Alumni Society Fund

Formed in 2014, the mission of the UNM College of Pharmacy Alumni Society is to foster, promote and engage with the local and national pharmacy community, contribute to the development of the pharmacy profession, rejuvenate and develop life-long relationships, mentor and guide future pharmacists, and support the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy’s mission... Read more »

Physician Assistant White Coat Program Fund

Join with the UNM Physician Assistant alumni community and sponsor a PA student’s first white coat and stethoscope – two important symbols of their entry into the medical profession. With the gift of $200, you will have the opportunity to provide a student with their new white coat and stethoscope and you can share a... Read more »

Planning for a New Campus Observatory

The Department of Physics & Astronomy envisions a new, state-of-the-art Campus Observatory to be enjoyed by sky viewers of all ages, abilities, and educational levels. The new observatory will be accessibility equipped, feature a research telescope (to study planets around other stars, and more!) as well as a telescope for public viewing. We need your... Read more »

Popejoy Hall Excellence Fund

The first endowment created to improve affordability and accessibility to programming, enhance educational programs, and support bringing quality artists to Popejoy Hall.

Popejoy Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship

The Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship was created in 1977 by Hiram and Patsy Sherman of Albuquerque to memorialize their son, Jeffrey Sherman. Jeffrey was a UNM student who worked as an intern backstage at Popejoy Hall. The Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to outstanding student employees at Popejoy Hall.

Project ECHO Fund

Project ECHO® is a nonprofit organization that empowers communities to improve their knowledge and, in turn, tackle the world’s greatest challenges in health care, education and more. Initially developed as a platform for health care service delivery and research in 2003, ECHO shares best practices to reduce disparities, using technology to leverage scarce resources, case-based... Read more »

Rayburn Reaching Up Fund for Physics

Mr. Charles C. Rayburn, a career physicist and philanthropist, established this fund in 2016 to support second through fourth year students at the UNM Department of Physics and Astronomy. The fund supports tuition, provides recognition/incentive for participation in department events such as Physics Demo Day, and provides compensation for students working on research projects and... Read more »

Raza Graduate Student Association (RGSA) Scholarships

Since 2011, the Raza Graduate Student Association (RGSA) has awarded more than $50,000 in scholarships to UNM graduate and professional as well as undergraduate students. Latina/o students tell us that financial barriers are among the top challenges to remaining in school and completing their degrees. RGSA is committed to supporting UNM students, especially students who... Read more »

Refugee Well-being Project

The Refugee Well-being Project (RWP) brings together newly arrived refugees from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda) and UNM college students to work together to support refugees’ adjustment, mental health, and well-being. The focus of the RWP is on mutual learning between Americans and... Read more »

SA+P Community & Regional Planning Endowment

April 2020, the CRP faculty revised the departments ethics statement; Community and Regional Planning faculty, students and staff are dedicated to creating an environment in which ethical practice and academic integrity are valued and upheld by all. Thank you for your support.

SA+P Schoeman Travel Fellowship

Giving to the Schoeman Travel Fellowship will help provide students in the architecture graduate program an outstanding opportunity to further their education through domestic or foreign travel. Additionally, having this fellowship for SA+P students, it is a strong recruitment component for the program.

Sandia Casino Responsible Gaming Scholarship in Psychology

Sandia Resort and Casino ( is dedicated to promoting responsible gaming. In that spirit, the Sandia Casino Responsible Gaming Scholarship in Psychology was established in 2018. The fund provides scholarships for graduate students at the UNM Psychology Department to conduct addiction disorder related research. Since its inception, 12 students have received funding. (As of 12/19/19)

School of Architecture and Planning Dean’s Fund

School of Architecture and Planning Dean’s Fund – The Dean’s Fund is designed to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for our truly amazing, always surprising and extraordinarily energetic students and faculty. It allows the Dean to respond to emerging opportunities and new initiatives directed toward long-term student success.

School of Law: Wild Friends Program

The Wild Friends Program is an award-winning civics education program at the UNM School of Law, providing hands-on learning to students in grades 4-12 across New Mexico. In this unique program, students help draft legislation on a wildlife conservation issue and work to pass it in the New Mexico State Legislature. Students learn how our... Read more »

School of Medicine La Tierra Sagrada Society

La Tierra Sagrada Society is dedicated to serving the present and shaping the future of health care by providing need-based scholarships to students in the UNM School of Medicine. One hundred percent of contributions go directly toward funding scholarships and growing the scholarship endowment. A donation for scholarships at any level begins your partnership and... Read more »

School of Medicine Pathology Education Fund

The Pathology Education Fund supports the educational and research missions of the UNM Department of Pathology and is directed by the Chair of the Department of Pathology.

School of Medicine Student Emergency Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support emergency needs of students pursuing medical degrees from the UNM School of Medicine as well as Residents at UNM Hospital.

School of Medicine White Coat Campaign

Each year the School of Medicine welcomes around 100 incoming medical students as they start their careers to become future providers. You can make this milestone even more special by sponsoring a student’s first white coat and supporting this new generation of physicians. All contributions to this campaign fund each student’s first white coat and... Read more »

Scribendi Fund

Scribendi is a non-profit annual print publication of Honors undergraduate students’ work. Through this year-long award-winning course and educational internship, student staff members gain practical hands-on experience in copy editing, typography, graphic design and magazine layout, Adobe Creative Suite, fundraising, marketing and distribution and small business management. Scribendi showcases poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, foreign... Read more »

Smith Family Totem Pole Fund

The restored Tlowitsis Nation Smith Family Totem Pole now stands in UNM’s Hibben Center. The Maxwell Museum is asking for your help to support its continuing care including permanent exhibition that tells the story of the pole’s history and conservation. Please help! Your contribution fosters stewardship and upkeep of the pole.

South Golf Course Fund

Funds contributed to the South Golf Course Director’s Fund will help assist capital improvement projects, as well as course improvements. We thank you for your support!

Stadium Stair Challenge

UNM’s Employee Wellness offers a variety of programs focused on health, well-being, and personal development to 8,000+ staff/faculty as well as the UNM community. The Stadium Stair Challenge is a public event held at the DreamStyle Stadium where participants will challenge themselves by running/jogging/walking the 1,668 stadium stairs. All proceeds from the Stadium Stair Challenge... Read more »

String Pedagogy Family Fund and Mad About Music Fund

Mad About Music is the advanced repertoire class and touring group of the University of New Mexico Lab School. These talented young middle/high school musicians have been invited to perform across the United States and even internationally. Click here to see the group perform.

Stuart Walker Memorial Scholarship

The Stuart G. “Stu” Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to honor UNM grad and longtime Public Address announcer for UNM, the Albuquerque Isotopes and the NM Activities Association. The fund is intended to provide opportunities for students majoring in Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast and students who wish to become Special... Read more »

Student Health & Counseling General Fund

The mission of UNM Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is to enhance the well-being of students through access to the highest quality health care, education and advocacy. • We actively seek to eliminate barriers to services for all students regardless of insured or financial status. • SHAC strives to reach all groups, including non-traditional, international,... Read more »

Student Veterans of UNM Fund

Our organization is the driver of social and political interests of veterans throughout the University of New Mexico footprint. We conduct regular meetings and social events that promote veteran success both in academics and in life.

Substance Disorders-Grand Challenges Fund

The Substance Use Disorders Grand Challenge team is a large, multidisciplinary group of experts in the field of substance use and addiction. Co-led by UNM Health Science Center and Central Campus, our team includes professors, psychologists, physicians, nurses, political scientists, economists, communication experts, community members and state policy makers. These individuals work together on novel... Read more »

Successful Aging-Grand Challenges Fund

The Successful Aging Grand Challenge focuses on researching ways to compress the ‘period of disability’ of our aging NM population, shifting the threshold of functional status so a person can remain independent longer to successfully age in place at home. The Successful Aging Grand Challenge will work to create solutions on the expected demand on... Read more »

Suellen Gornall Endowed Scholarship in Music

This endowment honors Suellen Gornall, who liked to study, listen to and perform various types of music, including folk, pop, and musical theater. Her favorite types of music were choral and classical. She performed in many amateur chorus groups throughout her life, including at The University of New Mexico. This fund supports a full-time student, in good academic standing,... Read more »

Sustainability Studies Program Fund

The Sustainability Studies Program utilizes experiential learning, research, and service activities to implement practical solutions for a sustainable future on the UNM campus, in the state of New Mexico, and for the Earth as a whole. Sustainability Studies integrates knowledge and methodologies from the Sciences, Humanities, and Arts to provide a roadmap for students that... Read more »

Sustainable African Communities Fund

The University of New Mexico’s Center for Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) is collaboratively working with the University of North Alabama and international participants from Kenya’s Ministry of Education, University of Nairobi (Kenya), and University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) to study the role of socio-economic factors in reproductive health decisions and HIV/AIDS transmission using... Read more »

Sustainable Water Resources-Grand Challenges Fund

The Grand Challenges Sustainable Water Resources research team has taken on the obligation to step up to what is truly a Grand Challenge: to tackle water resources and the sustainability of New Mexico’s economy, environment, and unique social fabric. The water sustainability team will partner with stakeholders and other agencies in the state to develop,... Read more »

Svirsky Family Scholarship

Harriet Svirsky Kraye Bull was proud of her family’s past ownership of two pharmacies and was so excited to serve as the director of development for the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy from 2008 to 2013. With her devotion to philanthropy and her admiration of the Pharmacy students, one of the things she... Read more »

Ted S. Lopez Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been established in tribute to the life of the veteran and University of New Mexico alumnus, Ted S. Lopez. Ted proudly served as an officer in the United States Navy and later earned his Executive MBA from the UNM Anderson School of Management. Therefore, the Ted S. Lopez Memorial scholarship is created... Read more »

The Arthur A. Blumenfeld Endowed Lectureship

The Arthur A. Blumenfeld Endowed Lectureship honors the life and work of Arthur A. Blumenfeld, former national president of the Government Finance Officers Association and former Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Albuquerque. Arthur was dedicated to furthering best practices in public finance and one of the missions of the Blumenfeld Endowed Lectureship is... Read more »

The Civil Engineering Department Excellence Fund

Through your generosity to the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, you provide the flexibility to respond to urgent needs as they arise and to fund groundbreaking initiatives.

The David and Judith Bennahum Medical Humanities Travel Fellowship

“The David and Judith Bennahum Medical Humanities Travel Fellowship,” sponsored by Drs. David and Judith Bennahum and Dr. Ernest and Eve R. Simon, needs additional support. Awarded yearly, the fellowship provides opportunities for UNM School of Medicine physicians in training and junior faculty to have practical experiences in the “art of medicine,” a complement to... Read more »

The Lynn and Lynda Miller Fund for Southwest Fiction

The Lynn and Lynda Miller Fund for Southwest Fiction was established to celebrate the rich cultural and literary history of the Southwest. The fund supports fiction (novels and short story collections), events and other costs associated with works that highlight the ways in which the landscapes and cultures of this diverse region shape stories, situations,... Read more »

The Peter A. Winograd Endowed Annual Scholarship in Law

The Peter A. Winograd Scholarship in Law was established to honor Peter Winograd’s career at the University of New Mexico School of Law and his support of students pursuing a legal education. This scholarship is a merit-based scholarship in the amount of $20,000 per academic year. It will be awarded to an incoming, full-time 1L... Read more »

The Sally and Ted Occhialino Semester in D.C. Scholarship Fund

The UNM School of Law Semester in D.C. is very popular and well-attended by our students and involves many UNM School of Law alumni/ae in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Up to 6 students each semester are assisted with cost of living, studying and working in and around D.C. with annual contributions from alumni and... Read more »

The Sikora Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disease Outreach Fund

Major Timothy S. Sikora USAF (retired) and Roseann M. Sikora spent their nursing careers caring for children and adults in dire medical need. While Roseann earned her Associate degree in Nursing from University of Hawaii ’72 and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the Incarnate of the Word University ‘84 in San Antonio and Tim... Read more »

The William Morgan, Sr. Navajo Language Fund

This fund was created to honor William Morgan, Sr., a Navajo linguist, whose monumental contribution to the documentation of the Navajo language has paved the way for the establishment of the Navajo Language Program at UNM. These gifts will be used to support the advancement of the Navajo Language Program, along with its students that... Read more »

Tracy J. Skipp Scholarship

Tracy J. Skipp, Ed.D.,  founded the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program after a long career supporting students in the Bachelor of University Studies program. For more than 25 years, Tracy dedicated his career to students who wanted to create their own path and blaze unique trails into innovative and creative careers. This fund creates a... Read more »

Trajuan Briggs Community IMPACT Scholarship

The Trajuan Briggs Community IMPACT Scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduate students enrolled at The University of New Mexico. This scholarship not only benefits students through financial assistance but also provides them the tools to make an IMPACT (Individuals Making Progress Amongst our Communities Together) during their matriculation at UNM through academic support, community service,... Read more »

UNM Alumni Association

The role of the UNM Alumni Association is to build close ties between alumni and their alma mater. The Association’s programs and services create many opportunities for alumni to engage with UNM. Whether through mentoring, funding scholarships, networking, recruiting students, or creating student internships, alumni volunteers pay it forward giving back to the UNM community... Read more »

UNM Annual Fund (unrestricted)

Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted donations and therefore offer the University the greatest flexibility to address its priorities.

UNM Art Museum Acquisitions Fund for Diversity and Equity

The UNM Art Museum seeks to increase diversity in the permanent collection. Funds generated will be used to acquire works of art by and about women, LGBTQ artists, and artists of color, particularly Native American and Latinx artists. The first acquisition in the fall of 2019 will be photographic portraits by of transgender and gender... Read more »

UNM Art Museum General Fund

Support the UNM Art Museum and ensure the continued excellence of our programs and collection with your annual gift. Get involved with the Museum by participating in dynamic programming, engaging social events and taking part in meaningful learning opportunities. The UNM Art Museum relies on the generous contributions of donors to support a robust schedule... Read more »

UNM Brain Scouts

The UNM Brain Scouts is dedicated to improving the lives of adults with communication and/or cognitive disorders due to brain injury or disease. Funds will be used to support research and outreach activities related to this mission, including treatment studies, lab materials purchases, student support, participant payment, and other support for outreach and educational activities.

UNM Continuing Education

The Volunteer Management Scholarship Fund initially established through a donation by Volunteer Albuquerque was created to help those dedicated to recruiting managing motivating and rewarding volunteers in nonprofits located in New Mexico. The framework of the certificate program was created by New Mexico partner agencies and organizations that clearly wanted to create a program at... Read more »

UNM Esports

UNM Esports is an organization that’s centered around fostering a healthy and stable competitive gaming scene at UNM and in the larger Albuquerque area. We compete in collegiate leagues/tournaments for scholarships and prizing, host events to facilitate relationships between ALL gamers, provide opportunities to our members for growth, and look to expand gaming culture in... Read more »

UNM Men’s Rugby Club Fund

The University of New Mexico’s Lobos Rugby Football Club (UNMRFC), has established this endowment to provide sponsorship opportunities and stipends for the UNM Men’s Rugby Program. The program focuses on key characteristics that develop civic minded leaders- Integrity, Excellence, Service and Respect. We foster this environment through our work with the development of our youth,... Read more »

UNM Midwives of Color

The UNM Midwives of Color recruits and mentors persons of diverse ethnic/cultural backgrounds in the profession of nursing, especially midwifery; supports midwives of color in the community; increases awareness and responsiveness of maternal-child health care issues affecting communities of color in New Mexico.

UNM OBGYN Alumni Society

The UNM OBGYN Resident and Fellow Alumni Society supports the education and training of the highest quality OBGYNs and Subspecialists in the State of New Mexico. Your financial support will benefit the resident retreat, travel funds for elective experiences and research presentations, educational materials and enhanced surgical training. Please take a moment to support our... Read more »

UNM Parent Association

As part of its commitment to helping support student success the UNM Parents Association provides scholarship funding for many deserving students. Through the generous support of UNM parents the Parents Association has established a fund to make multiple awards each academic year. These scholarships are awarded to individuals who demonstrate both financial need and a... Read more »

UNM ROTC Excellence Fund

UNM has the unique distinction of being one of two Hispanic Serving Institutions and one of 50 universities in America that is a commissioning source for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Through partnership with UNM, all branches of the military recruit, educate, develop, and inspire leaders of character to commission as officers for... Read more »

UNM Service Corps

The UNM Service Corps Alumni Fund strives to connect Alumni with current UNM Service Corps members. We believe that our expansive network of relations can support the growth and career opportunities for our members. At the same time, our experience as UNM Service Corps has been a unique one and your support financially can ensure... Read more »

UNM Solar Splash

UNM Solar Splash is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate capstone project where we are designing and building a solar powerboat for the World Championship of intercollegiate Solar/Electric boating in Dayton, Ohio. This is an annual competition and UNM’s third year participating. It is our hope that we will start a dynasty and become part of the... Read more »

UNM Veterans Resource Center

UNM Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is a 501 C3 run by Veterans for Veterans. We’re easily accessible and widely available to all service members veterans and their dependents who would like to explore the possibility of attending UNM and or any other State of New Mexico Accredited Higher Educational Institution. We are a VA-designated VetSuccess... Read more »

UNM Young Alumni Scholarship Fund

The UNM Young Alumni (UNMYA) Scholarship Fund was established to assist soon-to-be UNM graduates with scholarship opportunities and educational stipends to help achieve their graduate-level educational goals and aspirations at UNM. We raise funds for this scholarship through fundraising initiatives, including donations from generous Lobo supporters like you.

Willard Room and Lecture Series

The Willard Fund purchases books in honor of Mr. Larry Willard, supports maintenance of the Willard Reading Room. It also funds the Willard Lecture Series.

Women in Technology Fund

When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen. Diversity generates better solutions and professional careers leap forward. That’s what Women in Technology is all about. We are an organization created by Women in Technology to support the empowerment of women in tech and to help create and support initiatives and community partnerships to empower... Read more »

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