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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Chair’s Fund

With nearly 1,000 graduates, the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has prepared students for a diverse array of careers. Now growing rapidly, but maintaining its tradition of rigor and excellence, the Department Chair welcomes your partnership. These funds will be used at her discretion to serve the greatest needs within the department.

Chemistry Chair’s Endowment Fund

Established in 1997 by Richard W. Holder, any person or organization may make contributions to the fund by gift or bequest. Funds will be used to enhance the teaching mission of the UNM Chemistry Department including, but not limited to, for the purchase of lab equipment, materials and supplies and/or other needs as determined by... Read more »

Dean Uhl Memorial Fund

This fund, established by Dean E. Uhl, awards two different scholarships benefiting the students of the UNM Chemistry Department, Merit Scholarships for junior or senior chemical engineers or chemistry majors, and Presidential Scholarships, restricted to chemical engineering or chemistry major candidates.

Elements of Success Foundation

Support Chemistry & Chemical Biology education by purchasing one of the elements of the Periodic Table at $250 or greater. A plate in the form of the Periodic Table will be made showing your name underneath the element you purchased. The Elements of Success display is located on the first floor of Clark Hall. Contact... Read more »

Hillard L. and Mary M. Smith/Dow Chemical Graduate Fellowship

Established in 1986 by Hillard and Mary Smith with shares of Dow Chemical stock, this annual assistantship benefits one graduate student each year. A committee of faculty members in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology determines the graduate student.

Hyun-koock Shin Graduate Support Fund

Established by UNM Alumnus Hyun-koock Shin, this scholarship benefits international graduate students from Asia majoring in Chemistry. Preference is given to students who plan to return to their countries of origin to work.

Jesse L. Riebsomer Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This annual scholarship awarded to undergraduate chemistry student who has just completed their sophomore year and is awarded based on scholarship, promise as a scientist, and financial need.

Joan Willard Hemsing Tinoco Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is designed to directly benefit women in Chemistry. Awarded annually and paid on a semester basis, the scholarship is awarded to an outstanding female undergraduate chemistry major.

Maurice L. Hughes Endowed Scholarship

Established by Mr. Maurice L. Hughes, this fund provides support for students majoring in Chemistry or Biology. This scholarship is shared between the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Each department holds the award for a maximum of two years. The award is available to a junior or senior, remaining... Read more »

Mike Millican Memorial Prize

This fund was established in memory of PhD student Mike S. Millican. This prize is awarded to a senior student with a B.S. in Chemistry who is judged outstanding by the faculty of the Department.

Milton Kahn Endowed Lecture Series in Chemistry

Established in honor and memory of Chemistry Professor Emeritus Milton Kahn, this fund supports an annual colloquium talk from an outstanding chemist. The speaker will present on a topic in the area of physical chemistry.

Sobel-Duncan Science for Health of Indigenous Populations (SHIP) Prize

Established by Dr. Robert V. Duncan and Dr. Annette L. Sobel, the Sobel-Duncan Science for Health of Indigenous Populations (SHIP) Prize supports an annual award to a PhD candidate, a research award for the candidate’s dissertation committee chair, and to publicize the fund and hold an annual symposium. This interdisciplinary/cross-campus award will judge submissions of... Read more »

The Guido Daub Endowed Professorship in Chemistry

Established in 2003 by Katharine P. “Kay” Daub, funds generated from this endowment will be used to attract and support an internationally recognized chemical scientist as a Professorship in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Support may include academic year salary, summer salary, academic travel, research supplies, and salary for students or staff assisting... Read more »

Wayne M. Trott Chemistry Scholarship

This endowed fund has been created to support graduate students within the field of Physical Chemistry to honor Wayne M. Trott by his wife, Maryann C. Trott, who sincerely hopes that the financial assistance provided by this scholarship will facilitate rewarding career paths for recipients to come.

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