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A & S Endowment for the Future

This endowed fund allows friends and alumni of the College of Arts & Sciences to support the College’s long-term goals, or the future needs it might encounter.

Africana Studies Program Fund

This fund is used to provide operational support of the Africana Studies Program, including financial assistance to students in study-abroad courses to faculty for research and teaching-related expenditure and for lectures.

Alfred Grunsfeld Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Annual scholarship given to a male and female student who are declared history majors having completed 15 credit hours in history, and 60 hours toward the B.A. degree with an overall and major GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Anthropology Centennial Fund

The Anthropology Centennial Fund helps support alumni outreach and publication of the biannual Anthropology newsletter.

Anthropology General Fund

This fund provides program support for the Department of Anthropology including both colloquia and special events.

Anthropology Graduate Student Support Fund

This fund, established to commemorate the Department of Anthropology’s 75th anniversary, provides support for graduate students to travel to and establish their research sites.

BA/MD Program Fund

The Combined BA/MD Degree Program is designed to address the physician shortage in New Mexico by assembling a class of students committed to serving New Mexico communities. Students will earn a baccalaureate degree through the College of Arts & Sciences in a challenging four-year curriculum specifically designed to prepare them for medical school and ultimately... Read more »

Baca Zinn Professorship

Dr. Maxine Baca Zinn, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Michigan State University, is a descendent of many generations of New Mexico families. Dr. Baca Zinn graduated from UNM in 1971. She describes her training in Sociology at UNM as “unparalleled.” Baca Zinn’s professorship will support scholars who pursue studies in social inequality.

Bernice A. Rebord Memorial Scholarship in History

Named in honor of Bernice A. Rebord, a career-long history teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, awards from this fund are made to deserving undergraduate juniors or seniors, or master degree students in the History Department who have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in elementary or secondary education. The award will be based on... Read more »

Biology Genomic Resources Division Fund

The Museum of Southwestern Biology Genomic Resources Division Fund provides for unique opportunities under the discretion of the Curator to obtain and curate new specimens upgrade facilities and support students to meet our strategic goals.

Center for the Southwest Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support an enlarged study of the history and culture of the American West through hosting seminars, conferences and workshops.

Center for the Study of Voting, Elections and Democracy

This fund supports the UNM Center, established to promote the non-partisan study and evaluation of how elections are conducted, the role of technology, the identification of best practices in election administration, as well as the effects of various approaches to election administration and electoral rules upon the quality of representation within democracies.

Charles and Susan Paine Fund for Excellence in Writing Instruction Fund

The Charles and Susan Paine Fund for Excellence in Writing Instruction provides support for the Rhetoric and Writing division of the English Department. Funds are used for curricular and professional development of instructors and administrators of courses that focus primarily on teaching writing skills.

Charles Leroy Gibson Endowed Scholarship

This fund provides an annual cash award to a senior student majoring or minoring in chemistry, who is judged most outstanding by the faculty of that department.

Chemistry Chair’s Endowment Fund

Established in 1997 by Richard W. Holder, any person or organization may make contributions to the fund by gift or bequest. Funds will be used to enhance the teaching mission of the UNM Chemistry Department including, but not limited to, for the purchase of lab equipment, materials and supplies and/or other needs as determined by... Read more »

Cindy Jaramillo Graduate Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund has been established in honor of Cindy Jaramillo, retired UNM Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences staff member who is beloved by students, staff and faculty alike. This fund will be used to provide scholarship support for graduate students in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences. Thank you for making a... Read more »

College of Arts and Sciences Teachers Institute Fund

This fund promotes important K-12 education by improving teachers’ access to knowledge. The Teachers’ Institute offers credit-bearing seminars each summer and shorter workshops the year around in a range of liberal arts and fine arts disciplines. These sessions are on the UNM campus and at other sites that provide hands-on access to learning opportunities for... Read more »

Conlon-Demas Undergraduate Research Fund in History

This fund supports the research expenses of undergraduate honors students in the History Department including meeting registration fees, travel and lodging, copying fees, book purchases, writing costs such as printing and related computer expenses.

Consortium Fund

COMPRES, the Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences, is a community-based consortium whose goal is to enable Earth Science researchers to conduct the next generation of high-pressure science on world-class equipment and facilities. It facilitates the operation of beam lines, the development of new technologies for high pressure research, and advocates for science... Read more »

David E. Stuart Scholarship for Graduate Studies and Public Anthropology

The Stuart Scholarship is given to a graduate student who has demonstrated excellence and made a commitment to Public Anthropology. Dr. Stuart earned his PhD at UNM, has served as Associate Provost, and is a current faculty member in Anthropology. Photograph of Dr. Stuart by Jason S. Ordaz, courtesy the School for Advanced Research, 2013.

Dylan Balch-Lindsay Memorial Fund for Graduate Education in Political Science

Annual scholarship to political science graduate students for enrichment activities including summer travel fellowships to support field research or methods training; travel to professional meetings by graduate students to present research; purchase of survey or other data sets to be used in research by graduate students.

Eilene C. Durgin Memorial Scholarship for Multimedia Journalism

Established by David L. Durgin, in loving memory of his spouse and UNM alumna Eilene C. Durgin, this endowed scholarship in the Department of Communication & Journalism supports students majoring in Print, Broadcast, Radio, and/or Multimedia Journalism, demonstrating both financial need and a GPA of 2.5 or greater.

Elements of Success Foundation

Support Chemistry & Chemical Biology education by purchasing one of the elements of the Periodic Table at $250 or greater. A plate in the form of the Periodic Table will be made showing your name underneath the element you purchased. The Elements of Success display is located on the first floor of Clark Hall. Contact... Read more »

Elizabeth H. Wertheim Faculty Research Award Fund

Elizabeth H. Wertheim Faculty Research Award Fund was established in 1990. The award is made annually to a member of the senior faculty whose scholarship, creative work, teaching, and service make a noteworthy contribution to the department, the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of New Mexico and the community beyond UNM.

Elsie Fraley Demas and James Demas Fund

Established in honor of Elsie and James Demas, Sr., this fund supports undergraduate scholarship and research in Honors English. Uses include conference fees, travel and lodging, copying, book purchases, and computer-related and printing expenses. All students enrolled in Honors English are eligible. Students awarded are those who best demonstrate scholarship and whose work would benefit... Read more »

English Department Fund

The English Department Fund provides support for visiting lecturers, speakers, and a variety of events that enhance the reach of our curriculum and keep it current by bringing living writers, scholars, and cultural figures to the University.

Frieda D. Butler Scholarship

The Frieda D. Butler scholarship is given annually to honor the memory of Mrs. Butler whose grandson, Dr. Richard A. Barrett, is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology. The recipient, an outstanding master’s level student, delivers a public lecture.

Geology Alumni Fellowship Fund

This fund is used to provide annual scholarship support to Earth & Planetary Sciences graduate students in good academic standing.

German Summer School Fund

This fund provides scholarship support for participants of the German Summer School of New Mexico in Taos Ski Valley as well as general financial assistance for the program such as faculty and guest lecturer support. Please designate clearly if your donation is to be used solely for scholarships awarded to students demonstrating financial need.

Graham Browne Endowed Memorial Scholarship in History

Established in memory of Graham Browne, co-creator of Sutin, Thayer & Browne law firm of New Mexico, this undergraduate scholarship is annually awarded to a full-time history student, preference given to an American History major in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need.

Hibben Trust for Anthropology Graduate Students Fund

The Hibben Trust for Anthropology Graduate Students Fund is supported by the Frank C. Hibben Charitable Trust.The Trust was endowed by the late Dr. Frank C. Hibben, an archaeologist who was a Professor of Anthropology and former Director of the Maxwell Museum at UNM.These funds support graduate education in anthropology and consist of annual awards... Read more »

Hibben Trust Museum Studies Fellowships Fund

The Museum Studies Program is an interdisciplinary course of study providing students with academic training in essential aspects of museology. The program equips students with a range of museum skills preparing them for careers in museum related occupations including: collections managers, registrars, museum educators, exhibit developers, park interpreters, curators, and administrators. These funds will be... Read more »

Hillard L. and Mary M. Smith/Dow Chemical Graduate Fellowship

Established in 1986 by Hillard and Mary Smith with shares of Dow Chemical stock, this annual assistantship benefits one graduate student each year. A committee of faculty members in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology determines the graduate student.

Hillerman-McGarrity Endowed Scholarship in Creative Writing

Named on honor of Tony Hillerman and Michael McGarrity, two of New Mexico’s most renowned and respected mystery writers, this fund supports scholarships for students enrolled in the Creative Writing Program with a demonstrated talent and passion for fiction, screenwriting, playwriting, or creative non-fiction. Preference is shown to students from New Mexico with financial need.

Hyun-koock Shin Graduate Support Fund

Established by UNM Alumnus Hyun-koock Shin, this scholarship benefits international graduate students from Asia majoring in Chemistry. Preference is given to students who plan to return to their countries of origin to work.

Indigenous Education Research Fund

Your generous support will allow Indigenous Faculty at the Department of Native American Studies to continue to conduct research and teach on human rights, biodiversity, traditional knowledge, equal benefit sharing to address Indigenous Peoples’ poverty, health, the erosion of culture, languages and identity, and the violation of Indigenous Peoples’ human rights and those of Mother... Read more »

Institute for Medieval Studies Endowment Fund

This endowed fund supports the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) in its service activities including hosting a public lecture series, providing professional development opportunities for secondary-school teacher enrichment, and sponsoring multidisciplinary or discipline-specific seminars and workshops for various audiences. Learn more about becoming a Friend of Medieval Studies at , or contact the IMS... Read more »

Institute for Medieval Studies Program Fund

This program fund helps support the most immediate needs of the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) in its mission to further the transmission and preservation of the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Middle Ages. Learn more about becoming a Friend of Medieval Studies at , or contact the IMS at or (505) 277-2252.

Issa Sakaki Merrill Scholarship and Student Support Fund

Administered by the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office, in partnership with Peace Studies, this scholarship and student support fund, created in memory of Issa Sakaki Merrill, provides annual grants to undergraduate students with studies concentrated on peace studies, who have a background or interest in conflict, conflict resolution, conflict transformation and peacemaking.

J.E. (Jake Eugene) Gallegos Endowed Lectureship

Established by Regent J. Eugene Gallegos in 1985, this lectureship in the Department of Political Science is offered to department faculty, students, or visiting faculty and visiting students presenting on the subject of Mexican and Central American politics and political institutions.

Jesse L. Riebsomer Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This annual scholarship awarded to undergraduate chemistry student who has just completed their sophomore year and is awarded based on scholarship, promise as a scientist, and financial need.

Joan Willard Hemsing Tinoco Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is designed to directly benefit women in Chemistry. Awarded annually and paid on a semester basis, the scholarship is awarded to an outstanding female undergraduate chemistry major.

Joseph Alvin Gaudin, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of Joseph Alvin Gaudin, Jr., this scholarship supports a graduate or undergraduate Biology major with demonstrated financial need, proven academic and research record, with a preference for students majoring in mammalogy and interested in studying the cat family.

Joseph P. Zavadil Scholarship in English Medieval Literature

  Named in memory and honor of Joseph Zavadil, former Professor and Chair of the Department of English, this annual scholarship supports undergraduates focusing on English medieval literature, who have excelled in their studies and/or service to the UNM Medieval Studies Program. Preference is given to students specializing either in Arthurian literature, Chaucer, or in... Read more »

Joseph Powell Anthropology Endowment Fund

Awards from the Powell Endowment will be used to support Evolutionary Anthropology graduate student research on the topic of human and non-human primate biological variation and behavioral ecology, both past and present. Awards will be for $500 and requests for submissions will be made by the Graduate Advisor semi-annually. A three member committee will select... Read more »

Julia Keleher Faculty Award

The Julia Keleher Faculty Award is given annually to an Assistant Professor who demonstrates a strong commitment to teaching. In 1995, the Keleher Award account was augmented by its combination with the Telfair Hendon, Jr. Memorial in English.

Karen A. Foss Communication & Journalism Development Fund

Named for Regents Professor Karen Foss, this award provides travel support for faculty, graduate students, and staff; supports international exchange programs; and helps to sustain our colloquium and lecture/lecture series programming.

Karl H. Schwerin Graduate Fellowship in Ethnology

The Karl H. Schwerin Graduate Fellowship was established in 1998 to support deserving graduate students who are successfully pursuing a course of study in ethnology, cultural anthropology, or social anthropology. Preference is given to students based on scholastic ability and research potential, and those who have not begun doctoral research or received other support.

L. Dudley Phillips Memorial Fellowship in History

Established in memory of Dudley L. Phillips, UNM history alumnus and track and football athlete, the L. Dudley Phillips Memorial Fellowship is awarded annually to a qualified advanced graduate student in History to support the completion of the dissertation project.

Lena M. Todd Scholarship Fund

The Lena M. Todd Scholarship Fund provides annual cash awards to students doing the best work in creative writing in the English Department. The fund was established in 1943 from Dana Paul Todd in memory of his mother, Lena Todd. Dana Todd graduated from UNM in 1927 and died serving in the US Army in... Read more »

Mari Lyn Salvador Fund for Museum Studies

This fund extends the legacy of Mari Lyn Salvador, Chief Curator of the Maxwell Museum and Professor of Anthropology, from 1978-2004. This fund will support students in the UNM Museum Studies Program and invest in the continued cultivation of museum scholars committed to accessible collections, repatriation, and collaboration. Proceeds will help fund student research, internships,... Read more »

Maurice L. Hughes Endowed Scholarship

Established by Mr. Maurice L. Hughes, this fund provides support for students majoring in Chemistry or Biology. This scholarship is shared between the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Each department holds the award for a maximum of two years. The award is available to a junior or senior, remaining... Read more »

Maxine Graves Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Michael W. Graves, UNM Professor of Anthropology and his sister, Kathryn Tedrick, to honor the memory of their mother, Maxine Graves and her support of his pursuit of an education. The scholarship annually supports undergraduate students majoring in Anthropology.

Medieval Studies Graduate Fellowship Fund

The purpose of this fund is to promote interdisciplinary advanced studies in the Medieval period in any of the appropriate disciplines, i.e., Art History, History, Languages, Philosophy or Music. To learn more about graduate study support opportunities in the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS), please visit

Mike Millican Memorial Prize

This fund was established in memory of PhD student Mike S. Millican. This prize is awarded to a senior student with a B.S. in Chemistry who is judged outstanding by the faculty of the Department.

Milton Kahn Endowed Lecture Series in Chemistry

Established in honor and memory of Chemistry Professor Emeritus Milton Kahn, this fund supports an annual colloquium talk from an outstanding chemist. The speaker will present on a topic in the area of physical chemistry.

Miriam Grunsfeld Scholarship Fund

Annual scholarship given to a male and female student who have completed 15 credit hours in political science and 60 hours toward the B.A. degree with an overall and major GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Museum of Southwestern Biology: Division of Genomic Resources Endowed Fund

This fund provides programmatic support for the Division of Genomic Resources (DGR) within the Museum of Southwestern Biology. The DGR is a cryogenic archive of tissue samples from vertebrates, invertebrates, parasites and DNA from other MSB divisions and outside collections. It is worldwide in scope with strong holdings from taxa of the Southwestern United States,... Read more »

New Mexico Folklore Scholars Endowment

Awarded biannually to an undergraduate or graduate student with an exceptional record, is involved in some investigative research and writing in the area of New Mexico Folklore that is part of a larger project such as an honors paper or graduate thesis, and who can deliver a public lecture at the annual AGSU Meeting.

Peter D. Harrison Graduate Student Support Fund

Established by Dr. Peter Harrison, a renowned archaeologist and Mayan expert with more than 30 years of excavation and research experience, to support graduate students who have Mayan Studies as a focus in their course work. Students will transcribe Mayan drawings and field notes in consultation with the Anthropology Department Chair and one Anthropology Faculty... Read more »

Religious Studies Endowment Fund

This endowed fund supports the Religious Studies Program, in any of the three dimensions of its mission of education regarding religious traditions, research on religion, and sponsorship of public events of interest to scholars of religion or faith communities in New Mexico, or fundraising activities related to the program, at the discretion of the Program... Read more »

Robert Figge and Thord Nilson Endowed Scholarship Fund in European History

Established to honor history teachers Robert Figge and Thord Nilson from Highland High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this endowed scholarship fund supports undergraduate, junior or senior history students studying European history, that are in good academic standing, showing academic potential, and demonstrating financial need.

Robert W. Young Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund supports graduate or undergraduate students with majors in Linguistics or Educational Linguistics with a focus on the linguistics of one or more Native American languages.

Rose Rudin Roosa Endowment Scholarship

Annual scholarship to political science undergraduate majors who have completed 15 credit hours in political science 60 hours toward the B.A. degree with an overall and major GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Snead Wertheim Endowment Lectureship

This lectureship was created in 1989 by Jerry and Mary Carole May Wertheim and James E. and Georgia Phillips Snead. Wertheim and Snead are UNM alumni and attorneys in Santa Fe. The lectureship rotates between Anthropology and History and recognizes a significant scholarly activity by a faculty member.

Stone Age Research Fund

Support for Dr. Lawrence G. Straus and his students to excavate in Cantabrian, Spain. Dr. Straus has been excavating at El Mirón Cave for the past 18 years. This fund supports travel and per diems for Dr. Straus and students while in Spain, plus travel to national and international meetings, and analyses of archaeological finds.

Tepper Student Emergency Support – English

Brad and Jan Tepper established this fund to provide financial assistance to gradutate students of the Department of English, who are managing demanding academic requirements while struggling with debilitating financial circumstances. Potential reasons for awarding emergency funding include, but are not limited to: · Support for temporary housing, and/or other essential needs, due to displacement... Read more »

The Guido Daub Endowed Professorship in Chemistry

Established in 2003 by Katharine P. “Kay” Daub, funds generated from this endowment will be used to attract and support an internationally recognized chemical scientist as a Professorship in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Support may include academic year salary, summer salary, academic travel, research supplies, and salary for students or staff assisting... Read more »

The Sabine Ulibarri Spanish as a Heritage Language Fund

This fund provides opportunities under the discretion of the Program Coordinator to promote the program goals of Spanish revitalization and maintenance of students from bilingual communities. Funds will be used to aid students who are studying abroad in Spanish immersion programs, to bring relevant artists and community members to cultural events on campus, and for... Read more »

Timothy Moy Memorial Teaching Award

Established in memory of Associate Professor of History at UNM, specializing on 20th-century science and culture, this endowed award supports graduate teaching assistants in the Department of History.

UNM Summer Writers’ Conference in Santa Fe Fund

Named one of the Top Ten writers’ conferences in the United States by USA Today, the University of New Mexico’s Summer Writers’ Conference in Santa Fe is an annual, weeklong gathering that draws writers from all over the country to the inspirational setting of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Your donation will help provide general Conference... Read more »

Urgent Priorities for The Bird Collection: Ongoing Activities in Avian Biodiversity Research, Teaching and Curation at the Museum of Southwestern Biology

This fund provides direct support to meet urgent needs of UNM’s Collection of Birds, an actively growing resource for cutting-edge research, and a hub for student training. Students are doing fantastic research projects on bird evolution and conservation. Supporters are urged to make an appointment with the curator for a behind-the-scenes tour (contact Chris Witt,... Read more »

Valencia Challenge Fund

This endowment’s primary purpose is to provide temporary financial assistance to UNM Valencia Campus students whose academic performance could be affected by unexpected challenges such as home eviction, a car accident, delinquent utility bills, or a family tragedy. It is also established as a seed fund to encourage additional donations for this purpose.

Vicente Ximenes Scholarship in Public Rhetoric & Community Literacy

This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduate student in Rhetoric and Writing whose research or service demonstrates commitment to public rhetoric and civic literacy, and who exemplifies the work of Vicente Ximenes, Commissioner of Equal Employment and Chairman of the President’s Cabinet Committee on Mexican American Affairs during the Johnson Administration, whose life was... Read more »

William H. and Marjorie Bell Chambers Endowed Faculty Award for Excellence in History

Established in memory of Marjorie Bell Chambers, distinguished graduate of the UNM History Department, educator and public leader, this fund supports attracting faculty members who have already acquired distinguished reputations as historians and/or provides support for outstanding teaching, research, and publication by a faculty member.

William M. Dabney History Scholarship Endowed Fund

Established in memory of Professor William Dabney, UNM Professor History from 1951-1982, this endowed fund provides scholarship support to a History graduate student studying Constitutional History, Legal History, or Early American History.

William Shoemaker Endowment in History

Established by the late William Shoemaker of Albuquerque, the purpose of this endowment is to enhance and support the teaching and research missions of the History Department.

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