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Circle of Joy

Members of the Circle of Joy realize the power of collective giving and pool their money (and time and talent) to make a meaningful impact in the lives of students. Gifts offer much-needed funds for students during their final year of advanced practice pharmacy experiences.

College of Pharmacy Class of 2014 Endowment Fund

The Class of 2014 has established an endowment at the College of Pharmacy that would provide current and future Dean’s with the discretionary funds needed for the continued success of the College as it evolves with the profession. This endowment was made in honor of Dean Godwin and class advisor, Dr. Debra MacKenzie, who inspired... Read more »

College of Pharmacy Dean’s Papiani Giving Circle

Gifts to the Dean’s Papiani Giving Circle enhance the educational experiences of our students by providing funds for them to attend special events, national conferences, receive research fellowships and tutoring.

College of Pharmacy Dean’s Vision Endowment Fund

The College of Pharmacy Dean’s Vision Endowment Fund allows the College to act on opportunities for the professional and career development of students and faculty. These include special programs to enhance the mission areas (teaching, research, and patient care) of the College, travel funds for students to attend regional/national meetings, one-of-a-kind events to enhance the... Read more »

College of Pharmacy Dean’s Vision Fund

Donations to the UNM College of Pharmacy Dean’s Fund allow the Dean to take advantage of opportunities and address challenges that may arise at the College. These include special programs, one-of-a-kind events, and many other services and programs that define a University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy education.

Dennis S. Peña Memorial Poison Center Endowment

Dennis had a passion for music but a close second was his profession as a pharmacist. Dennis’ passion for his profession was reflected in his ongoing support of the New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center. For him, the impact that this organization makes throughout the state was vital for the health and safety of... Read more »

New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center

NMPDIC gifts provide resources and experts to handle nearly 28,000 calls a year made by the citizens of New Mexico in a poisoning situation, which can prevent costly trips to the emergency department for overall savings to New Mexicans of more than $42 million dollars in avoidable health care costs.

UNM-NMSU Cooperative Pharmacy Program

The UNM/NMSU Cooperative Pharmacy Program is designed to increase the number of Pharmacy students from southern New Mexico and ultimately the number of pharmacists practicing in the area.

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