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Popejoy Hall

Popejoy Capital Campaign

Popejoy Hall facility improvements including, but not limited to: stagehouse expansion, lighting and sound equipment, rigging systems, artist dressing room improvements and lobby renovation.

Popejoy Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship

The Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship was created in 1977 by Hiram and Patsy Sherman of Albuquerque to memorialize their son, Jeffrey Sherman. Jeffrey was a UNM student who worked as an intern backstage at Popejoy Hall. The Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to outstanding student employees at Popejoy Hall.

The Popejoy Schooltime Series

The Popejoy Schooltime Series is the largest performing arts education program in the state. Since its inception in 1996, the Schooltime Series has served more than one million students and is designed to make the performing arts accessible for all children. Your support will help us continue to excite, inspire and educate school children in... Read more »

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