Anne B. Thomas No Bounds Scholarship

To know no bounds is to be capable of affecting people and to have no limits.

Anne B. Thomas was a fierce spirit who lived with no bounds. Paralyzed at 18, Anne became a lawyer, fought for the rights of others at the Office of Equal Opportunity at UNM, traveled the world, and became a professional storyteller. Despite numerous health challenges and frequent hospital stays, she created joy and adventure every day. Anne was the linchpin of her family and confidant to her friends, and she touched everyone she met with her wit, warmth, and kindness. Albuquerque held a special place in her heart as the place of her re-entry into independence after her accident as she earned both her BA and JD at the University of New Mexico. The purpose of the Anne B. Thomas No Bounds Scholarship at UNM is to aid undergraduate students with disabilities in achieving their dreams.

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