Beatrice Family Scholarship Endowment

The Beatrice Family Scholarship Endowment would not have been possible without the Love and support of my family. Their compassion for others, hard work and dedication to make life the best it can be has been a true gift. We want to share our success with others that will benefit from financial support as they begin their education.
We are proud of our children Leslie and Shelley. Not only their accomplishments and achievements, but more importantly, of who they have become in life. Not as defined by a job, but by who they are caring for each other, sensitivities to those around them, and their love and compassion, means that we have succeeded as parents in the lessons we tried to impart. They will continue to support this family trust and invite anyone interested in assisting students in need to contribute to its success.
The intent of this trust is to assist students in need of support with priority given to candidates with financial hardship that may prevent them from entering the UNM College of Pharmacy or students that would otherwise be forced to withdraw from the College. Pharmacy is a profession that gives to the community and the Beatrice Family believes that supporting students in need will continue the cycle of giving that benefits public health.
“I am sure there is much I have still left unsaid. But if my girls did not know it before, then I trust they will all know now that, more than any career success, they are the greatest gift given to me in this world.”
– Michael Beatrice