Brian Hansen Endowed Scholarship

This endowment honors Brian Hansen, Professor of Theatre and Dance, 1979-96. B.A. UCLA, 1960; M.A. Cornell University, 1961; Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1966.

Dr. Hansen joined the UNM faculty in 1979 as chair of the (then) Department of Theatre, administrative and teaching appointments at Oberlin College and the University of Delaware. Under his leadership, its programs undertook a number of major changes: The maturity of the dance program was signaled by the addition of “Dance” to the name of the department; the faculty was expanded; the budget of the department was professionalized; new emphasis was given to the graduate program; and significant changes were made to the curriculum. Within five years, the department was eligible for membership in the National Association of Schools of Theatre and of Dance. Stepping down from the chair after six years, he accepted a one-year Fulbright grant to Taiwan.