Camp Enchantment Fund

Camp Enchantment Fund

For one week a year, a number of children of New Mexico escape the hospitals, the clinics, the intensive treatments, and the stereotypes and preconceptions people have about cancer to experience a world of absolute acceptance, exciting opportunities, new adventures and shared experiences. At Camp Enchantment, they stop fighting cancer and start celebrating life.

The atmosphere provided at Camp Enchantment is the soil that allows every camper to grow through the friendships and experiences at camp. Deep in the Manzano Mountains, campers are immersed in nature where fresh air and wildlife are abundant. The volunteer camp staff are well trained and devoted, and many of them have a long history with Camp Enchantment. A caring medical team is always on hand to ensure any special medical needs are met, but also to get to know the campers for who they really are. These factors, and many more, serve to create a camp atmosphere that is so positive and energy charged, it’s said that one week at camp recharges campers for the entire year.

For 27 years, Camp Enchantment has never charged a camper or camper’s family for their child to attend Camp Enchantment. This has been made possible in part due to overwhelming community support and an almost entirely volunteer staff. This year, Camp enchantment faces new challenges. The primary funding source for Camp Enchantment over the years is no longer able to offer support. With nearly every penny of support going directly to programming and making Camp Enchantment possible, now is the time to ensure Camp Enchantment continues to be a celebration of life.

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