Jeff Apodaca Celebration of Life Scholarship at UNMH

Jeff Apodaca was a 17-year-old high school senior when a cancer diagnosis – soft-tissue sarcoma – turned his life upside down. The son of former Gov. Jerry Apodaca underwent two years of follow-up chemotherapy at The University of New Mexico Hospital. Fully recovered, he went on to play football at UNM.
Now he has found a way to give back to UNMH by funding scholarships for nursing students through the UNM Foundation to help them meet their educational goals. Hospitalized patients see more of their nurses than any other members of the health care team, he says, and the state needs hundreds more nurses than are currently available, so it makes sense to help nursing students pay for their education. Apodaca says. “It’ s close to my heart, because nurses helped me during my two years going through cancer.”