L. Howard Pollard Memorial Scholarship

In memory of L. Howard Pollard, this scholarship will provide funds for computer engineering students. A dedicated educator, Professor Pollard taught computer engineering at UNM for 34 years, including classes in all aspects of computer design, computer and microprocessor architecture, and hardware implementation. In addition to his work at UNM and ISTEC, Dr. Pollard also led courses and discussions in both English and Spanish at the Universidad de Vigo (UVI) and throughout Spain, Columbia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. He also taught courses centered on microcontrollers, microprocessors and DSP systems in Indonesia, Philippines, and Poland. Dr. Pollard wrote two textbooks (Computer Design and Architecture and The Design Book: Techniques and Solutions for Digital Computer Systems), co-authored 33 other publications, and was named professor emeritus in 2017 following his retirement from UNM.