Levi Ian Vernon Many Waters Fund at UNMH

This fund was established in memory of Levi Ian Vernon to help families who have recently lost a newborn at UNM Hospital. Losing a loved one can be overwhelming. However, the loss of an unborn or a newborn child can be an unbearable loss for parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members. When the Vernon family lost baby Levi, they were overwhelmed with grief, and at the same time, they were overwhelmed with a community of people who saw them and their pain. More importantly, however, this community saw baby Levi. No matter how long or short his little life was, he was here and he was real. His life would have a purpose. This fund was established to let families who are grieving the loss of a baby know that they are seen and their baby is seen too. Your generous support allows us to provide whatever may be needed, to lift these families up in love, during this very difficult time. We do this through bereavement support, education, necessary equipment purchases, and memorial keepsakes/funding.