UNMCH mamaRoo® Swing Fund

The UNM Children’s Hospital has a dire and present need for 60 mamaRoo® swings for its Intermediate Care and Newborn Intensive Care Nurseries.

mamaRoo® swings are available to the Hospital at a special price of $143. Your donation of $150 will go directly to the purchase of a mamaRoo® with the remaining $7 dollars deposited in a special account to be used for replacement cushions and parts.

Each year in the US, thousands of babies are born addicted to drugs resulting from mothers’ drug use. They must remain hospitalized as they suffer through withdrawal. Others have conditions that cause similar agitation and distress, and they need to be continually soothed. When volunteer cuddlers are not available and nurses can tend to only one infant at a time, the mamaRoo® is indispensable; and the need is great.

The egg-shaped mamaRoo® swing, which replicates the gentle rolling waves and swaying motion of a parent comforting an infant, has been found to significantly calm newborns and infants with medical issues. The mamaRoo®, which also delivers tranquil nature sounds, is developmentally appropriate for these fragile babies and, in the case of drug addicted newborns, has been found to calm these infants, which dramatically decreases the symptoms of withdrawal. Alleviating these symptoms will likely shorten the duration of withdrawal.

To donate the full cost of a mamaRoo® swing, please submit a gift of $150 in the “Other Amount” field below. Thank you for your support!