Popejoy Hall Benefactor Program

Individuals and Corporations who contribute annually through the Benefactor program support outstanding entertainment, a wide variety of community outreach, and help maintain the overall operations of the theater. Popejoy Hall provides the highest quality arts experience and offers Benefactors many exclusive benefits. Make your gift today and help support world-class professional performances that engage and enrich our community!

To learn more about the Popejoy Hall Benefactors Program, visit our website or contact Popejoy Hall at 505-277-8010 or

$15,000 and above Patron of the Arts – (tax-deductible: $14,100)
$10,000 and above Producers’ Circle – (tax-deductible: $9,440)
$5,500 and above Directors’ Circle – (Tax-deductible: $5,090)
$3,000 and above Stars’ Circle – (Tax-deductible: $2,740)
$2,500 and above Artists’ Circle – (Tax-deductible: $2,350)
$500 and above Players’ Circle – (tax-deductible: $450)
$250 and above Ensemble Level – (tax-deductible: $230)
$100 and above Chorus Level – (tax-deductible: $100)