Richard C. Sandoval Scholarship Endowment in Art and Art History

This scholarship is awarded to a graduate or undergraduate full-time student in good standing, majoring in studio art or art history. Preference is given to students of Hispanic origin and native New Mexican residents.

Richard Sandoval was born in Nambe, NM and lived in New Mexico a majority of his life where he drew inspiration for his paintings, jewelry, photographs, and carved sculptures. When he was a child, he and his brother were returning from an errand and were hit by a drunk driver. During Richard’s seven month recovery, his father brought him a tracing pad of paper and his passion for art was born. Even though he earned his engineering degree from UNM, he joined New Mexico Magazine in 1968 where he worked as an art director, associate editor, editor and special projects publisher. In addition, he produced and illustrated award winning books including “One of our Fifty is Missing,” “The Farolitos of Christmas,” and “Miguel and the Santero.” Richard’s work included watercolors, oil, pen and ink, woodcarving, sculpture, and furniture. This scholarship was created in his honor to help art students at UNM.