Robin Armell Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This fund was established in 1982 by Dr. Patricia Armell in tribute to her late husband, Robin who received his nursing degree from UNM in 1973. The scholarship was established to support male nursing students in their last two years of study at UNM College of Nursing.

Mr. Armell’s interest in nursing began with working in the sick bay while stationed on a US Navy ship. Robin went on to become a Hospital Corpsman including service with combat Marines in Vietnam. By the time his enlistment was up, he had decided to become a registered nurse and enrolled at UNM. In 1977, he received his CRNA certification from Harris County Hospital District, working in Houston, then BCMC (now UNMH).

Dr. Patricia Armell is an alum of UNM and received a BS in Mathematics (1971) and MD from the School of Medicine in 1988. Dr. Armell has remarried and her husband Mr. James Phillips is an alum of UNM School of Engineering receiving his BSCE in 1976 and his MS in 1980.