Betty and John Skipper Memorial Research Fund

Dr. Betty Skipper was faculty in this department before Family Medicine was even a specialty. The first college graduate in her family, she was a biostatistician by training with a PhD degree from Case Western Reserve University before moving to New Mexico. She was a faculty member at UNM from 1967-2016, 49 years! As Associate Chair of the department, she spearheaded the Promotion and Tenure process and was a model for mentoring and sponsoring faculty towards success. She spent her career at UNM collaborating with students and colleagues in the health professions and also taught courses in the MPH program. She was passionate about teaching and developing methods to explain statistical concepts to health professionals who were not statisticians.

We are so grateful for her many years of commitment. She had a peaceful, non-threatening expertise that provided comfort and reassurance through her sharp mind and caring heart. This department was built upon her spirit of excellence. John was her loving and supportive husband for 39 years. He enjoyed watching her passion for statistics immensely.