President’s Club

In 2000, the UNM President’s Club began with 31 charter members, and was chaired at its inception by Doug and Sarah Brown. Today, the President’s Club continues to be an influential group that makes a real difference at UNM. Together, its members provide funds to support important initiatives that require a flexible and timely response.

Now, close to its second decade of providing a dependable source of flexible annual support to the UNM President’s Office, this group’s additional unrestricted giving provides support for a broad selection of areas across campus that are vital for the core priorities of the University: Student Success, Systemic Excellence, Healthy Communities, and Economic and Community Development.

Collectively, gifts to the President’s Club have had a tremendous effect in our community by helping transform the lives of generations of UNM students. Vital to the President’s Club is availability of funds that provide a dependable source of flexible annual support to the UNM President. This source of funding maximizes the President’s ability to support a broad selection of areas across campus and to be a catalyst for initiatives that advance the university experience for students.

As UNM fulfills its role as a leader in education and economic development in New Mexico, additional new opportunities will emerge, and the members of the UNM President’s Club are vital to that process. They are part of a prominent community that truly changes worlds.

We thank all members who supported the President’s Club during FY 2018-2019. For those who embrace the opportunity, we invite you to support the UNM President’s Club by joining as a visionary philanthropic member. Individuals, foundations, corporations and organizations who make an annual $5,000 gift to be shared equally with the President’s Fund for Excellence and the member’s designations to other UNM programs are members of the President’s Club.  Funds may be given directly through the UNM Foundation with gifts of cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, etc. or through a trust or foundation and United Way.  Matching gifts from current and former employers are welcome.

Members are invited to private events with the President as well as campus and athletic events.

For more information, please contact Associate Vice President of Executive Programs Raquel LeCesne at or (505) 313-7669.