Support Museums at UNM

UNM Art Museum funds

610469 Jonathan Abrams, MD Art Gallery Fund at UNM Art Museum
203230 UNM Art Museum Equity and Diversity Acquisition Fund
200018 UNM Art Museum General Fund

Tamarind Institute funds

610409 Marjorie L. Devon Scholarship Fund
203029 Tamarind Institute Director’s Fund
202237 Fabulous Friends of Tamarind

Harwood Museum funds

Endowed funds
600940 Harwood Foundation Endowment
609710 Harwood Public Programs Endowment
610081 Harwood Endowment for Exhibitions
610559 Bennett-Smith Education Endowment
624350 Larry Bell Excellence in Contemporary Art

Non-endowed funds
200067 Harwood Museum of Art
202109 Harwood Educational Programs
202151 Harwood Museum Public Programs
202152 Harwood Special Exhibition 2 Fund
202153 Harwood Special Exhibition 1 Fund
202272 Harwood Museum of Art Director’s Fund
202273 Harwood Collection Care
202492 Harwood Exhibitions and Collections
203460 Harwood Centennial Fund
297021 Harwood Art Fund

Maxwell funds

202327 Maxwell Museum Archives and Library Fund
201129 Maxwell Museum Education, Curation, and Research Fund
202126 Maxwell Museum Exhibits General Fund
200244 Maxwell Museum General Fund
202833 Smith Family Totem Pole Page
202965 Garth and Elaine Bawden Adopt a Bus Program
202999 Hibben Trust Museum Studies Fellowships
202326 OCA Archaeological Research Fund
610463 E. James Dixon and Mim Dixon Endowment for Museum Studies

Museum of Southwestern Biology funds

671330 Museum of Southwestern Biology: Division of Genomic Resources Endowed Fund
606530 Museum of Southwestern Biology Endowment Fund
201841 Museum of Southwestern Biology Amphibians & Reptiles Division Fund
201842 Museum of Southwestern Biology Arthropods Division Fund
824120 Urgent Priorities for The Bird Collection: Ongoing Activities in Avian Biodiversity Research, Teaching and Curation
624120 The Bird Collection: A Resource for Biodiversity Research and Teaching at the Museum of Southwestern Biology
201837 Museum of Southwestern Biology Director’s Fund
201840 Museum of Southwestern Biology Fishes Division Fund
201844 Museum of Southwestern Biology Genomic Resources Division
201843 Museum of Southwestern Biology Herbarium
201838 Museum of Southwestern Biology Mammal Division
609890 Hayward Student Fund in Mammalogy
620130 Friends of the UNM Herbarium Fund
635780 Terry L. Yates Endowment for Field Mammalogy
610361 James S. Findley Fund

Museum Studies Program

203064 Mari Lyn Salvador Internship in Museum Studies
202999 Hibben Trust Museum Studies Fellowships