John Cordova

John Cordova’s positions in municipal, state and the federal government afford him an extensive network of friends and professional relationships that he puts in service of his clients. He has worked ten years in Washington, DC and fifteen years in municipal and state government in New Mexico. For the past thirteen years he has owned the Cordova Public Relations Company, serving clients throughout New Mexico and West Texas. The New Mexico Business Weekly recently selected him as one of New Mexico’s power brokers.

Mr. Cordova possesses a strategic sense of how to position an issue, product or company in the market place. He understands that quality wins in the market place and operates his company with customer’s needs in mind. Fact based research, quality writing and quick turn around are hallmarks of his company’s thirty-five year history in the market place. His firm places special emphasis on solid research and analysis supporting a strategic vision, which is conveyed in the firm’s written products. This same approach is employed when helping clients position themselves, their business or issue in the market place. Using the tools of public relations, the firm helps develop positive brand image and finds ways to enhance clients’ brands.

After graduating from UNM, his professional career started with the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department where he met Pete Domenici who was running for city council.  Domenici recognized that Cordova was a unique marketer of the municipality’s policy issues in water and housing. He was particularly impressed with his sensitivity to customer’s needs and his ability to develop customer driven projects and programs. When Domenici won a seat on the council and was elected Mayor pro-tem, he selected Mr. Cordova to head a community development department tasked with writing grant applications for federal downtown and neighborhood renewal programs, a public housing program, a neighborhood improvement project and the Model Cities Program. All these applications were approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Mr. Cordova was appointed Albuquerque’s first Model Cities Program Director.

In 1976, when Domenici became senior senator from New Mexico, he brought Cordova to Washington, DC where he was assigned to organize and manage a joint office for the New Mexico Congressional Delegation. The office serves institutional constituents of the delegation. It was the first such office in Congress and continues to serve the delegation. The primary task of the office is to assist constituents frame their issues with federal agencies and position them in a positive manner before those agencies.

After leaving the delegation office, Mr. Cordova served clients whose need to monitor administrative, regulator, and legislative activities in Washington, DC varied greatly. Some of his clients included the Albuquerque Public Schools, the University of New Mexico, the Adolph Coors Company in Golden, Colorado and various Indian tribes.

While in state government, Cordova was director of the State Health Planning Agency, executive assistant to the Secretary of Health and Human Services Department as well as director of Social Services third party contracts.

Mr. Cordova maintains a strong commitment to volunteer service as well as a broad business network. Some of the boards on which he serves include the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce (secretary), the U.S. Senator Dennis Chavez Foundation (President), the City of Albuquerque Museum Board of Trustees (Vice Chair), the UNM Foundation and the Lovelace Medical Center Governing Board.  Cordova also maintains memberships in the Rotary Club of Albuquerque, The Economic Forum, Albuquerque Economic Development, New Mexico First Forum, The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, the Public Relation Society of America (Counselors Division) and the UNM Alumni Letterman’s Club.

Cordova has served on the UNM Alumni Board, as Washington, DC chapter president and on the Albuquerque chapter.

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