Changing Worlds 2020: The Campaign for UNM

Changing Worlds 2020: The Campaign for UNM

Changing Worlds 2020: the Campaign for UNM will provide unprecedented support for the students, faculty and programs of UNM. Each school, college and program has important funding opportunities, and this campaign includes all gifts, pledges and qualified estate plans made to any area of the university over the period of the campaign.

The focus of The Campaign for UNM is on our students and those who prepare our students to change their worlds. Addressing the challenges faced by students, faculty and patients is our concern, and private philanthropy can meet these challenges in profound ways. Through this campaign, it will be possible to assist both current philanthropists and new donors to link their passions with UNM’s many gift opportunities.

The campaign, which is aligned with the UNM 2020 goals, focuses on four themes: student success and opportunity, faculty support and research, campus programs, and capital projects and facilities. Each of these resource areas provides the critical means to support and elevate the UNM community. Funds are needed to:

  • Provide tuition and support for talented and financially struggling students;
  • Engage students in the full life of the university and increase student retention;
  • Offer essential programs for students and faculty to conduct their research and provide professional service in communities around the state;
  • Improve the physical common space in our buildings and throughout our unique campus grounds; and to
  • Support the accomplishment of the UNM 2020 goals.

We are calling on all our alumni, friends, supporters and volunteers to join in. Look forward by giving back.

Whose World Will You Change?



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